How much money do you earn as a childminder with Koru Kids?

How much does a childminder earn?

As a childminder running a Koru Kids Home Nursery, we would expect you to be able to earn between £25,000 to £70,000 a year. Let us explain how.

There are lots of variables that determine how much money you can earn as a childminder:

  • Your hourly rate
  • How many hours a week you work 
  • How many weeks a year you work 
  • If you ask parents to continue paying your fees whilst you’re on holiday
  • How many of your own children you care for and how old they are (as this affects your care ratios)
  • How many children you care for, and how many weeks a year they attend your setting (ie will older children attend for term-time only or holidays too?)
  • If you work with an assistant to allow you to take care of more children 

Childminding as a career choice

At Koru Kids, we want to make childcare a compelling long-term career choice, so we have a few recommendations to help make it profitable for our childminders that run a Koru Kids Home Nursery:

  • We suggest opening 48 weeks a year, and as standard, we ask parents to fund 4 weeks of paid holiday per year.
  • We suggest opening for 10 hours a day (8am – 6pm) for at least four days a week.
  • We suggest working with an assistant to allow you to care for more children (and we’ll help take care of this for you).
  • We suggest focussing on younger children who often need more hours of care than older children.
  • We suggest an hourly rate of at least £7.90 to reflect the high quality of care that parents can expect in a Koru Kids Home Nursery.
Running your childcare business from your home has many benefits

Becoming a childminder with Koru Kids

Koru Kids is one of the most-loved childcare brands in London, with thousands of families using our successful after-school nanny service, and we’re able to make use of this to promote our childminders’ home nurseries to help them quickly fill their places and keep them full.

Combining the Koru Kids brand with our recommendations to make your home nursery more profitable is a powerful combination – we’d expect you to be able to earn up to £70,000 a year after our service fee.

And even better than that – we’ll train you for free in as little as 8 weeks, register you as a professional childminder so you don’t need to deal with Ofsted and take care of (almost) all of your day-to-day admin so you can focus your energy on the children.

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