Please note Koru Kids is not yet registered as an accredited Ofsted Childminder Agency

What are my options for childminder training?

Before you start childminder training, you first need to decide whether to register with an accredited childminder agency like Koru Kids or directly with Ofsted.

If you decide to register through Ofsted you must pay for and take responsibility for all of your own training to ensure you are ready for your Ofsted inspection visit which will determine whether you can become a qualified childminder. It could take months for your inspection visit to be scheduled, delaying when you can launch.

By registering through Koru Kids, it’ll be a much simpler and faster process – we’ll have all your training and registration resources in one place, and we’ll be able to get you up and running in as little as 8 weeks from today following a visit from one of our friendly team. Crucially, we’ll also cover all the costs of your training and setup – worth over £3,000 in your first year.

What is included in the Koru Kids childminder training?

Here’s what’s included in the Koru Kids training programme to get you setup quickly as a fully qualified childminder:

1. Paediatric first aid training 

You’ll have primary responsibility for the children in your care, and despite best intentions and best efforts – accidents do happen – so it’s crucial that you’re well prepared. Our 12 hour course is split between online learning and in-person practical training, and will give you the skills and confidence to keep the children in your care safe. 

Our first aid training will give you the skills and confidence to keep the children in your care safe

2. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) training

One of your most important roles as a childminder is to deliver the EYFS – ensuring children are developing and flourishing. Our EYFS training covers the 7 key areas of learning – how to deliver these in practice, and how to track the progress of children in your care:

(i) personal, social and emotional development

(ii) communication and language

(iii) physical development

(iv) literacy

(v) mathematics

(vi) understanding the world

(vii) expressive arts and design

Our EYFS training covers the 7 key areas of learning

3. Safeguarding training

Keeping children safe is paramount, and as their childminder you’ll occupy a unique position where you’ll be able to spot any patterns or risks of harm. Our safeguarding training will give you the skills and confidence to identify risk factors and take action where a child’s welfare may be in jeopardy. 

4. DBS Checks

Both you and anyone over the age of 16 in your household will need to undertake a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check to ensure you are suitable to work with children. We’ll take the lead on this to make it as quick and simple as possible for you. 

5. Food Hygiene training 

Keeping the children in your care fed and watered will be a regular feature of your day! Our training course will make sure you’re aware of the latest guidance on how to prepare food safely and avoid any risk of contamination or food poisoning.

It's vital that childminders know how to prepare food safely

6. How to run a business training 

We know it can be daunting to start your own business, so we’ll give you comprehensive training on how to take care of the commercial side of your home nursery. A major part of opening a Koru Kids Home Nursery is that we help support you long term and take away as much of the admin as we possibly can. 

7. Safe sleep training 

Making sure that babies and young children are safe whilst they sleep can dramatically reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). We take you through the latest guidance and advice to keep the children in your care as safe as possible.

8. Behaviour management training 

Looking after a number of children of different ages that aren’t your own children can understandably pose challenges in making sure that your home nursery is always a calm and happy environment. Our training will give you the skills and confidence to effectively positively manage the behaviour of the children you care for.

Our training will give you the skills and confidence to effectively positively manage the behaviour of the children you care for

It doesn’t stop there…!

It’s worth mentioning that becoming a registered childminder and running a successful home nursery involves a whole lot more than simply undertaking training. This is where Koru Kids can really help as we support you on an ongoing basis in many different  areas. These include: 

  • Promoting you to the thousands of families that already know and love Koru Kids to help you fill your places as quickly as possible. 
  • Making your home safe for children, making efficient use of your space and making sure you have the right equipment and toys to help the children have fun, learn and flourish. We also offer some applicants a £500 grant to help fund the setup of your home.
  • Giving you the tools and processes to make observations and track the development of children against the EYFS that are approved by our team of friendly assessors
  • Arranging professional indemnity insurance cover
  • Putting in place your policies and processes to ensure you remain in compliance with the EYFS and Department for Education guidelines 
  • Taking care of invoicing and collecting payments from parents
  • Making bookkeeping and accountancy as simple as possible
  • A panel of experienced childcare professionals who can answer any of your questions along the way 
  • Assisting with accessing government funding and subsidies
  • Free ongoing training after you become a registered childminder, most of which is CPD accredited