The 5 Best Halloween Ideas from our After School Nannies

As the misty weather draws in over London, Koru Kids HQ have been preparing for the spookiest time of the year… Halloween.

Our after school nannies love chatting with each other in their online discussion group, and are always sharing new ideas to entertain the kids. We were so impressed by their creativity that we had to steal a few activities to share on the blog. From ghostly baking to monster toilet rolls, here are our seasonal favourites:

If arts and crafts are your children’s thing, one of our nannies Chloe shared these paper-based cats, pumpkins, ghosts and bats. You might even already have the stuff you need to make them lying around the house, and the finished product will be easy to recycle if it doesn’t turn out too well.

You will need:

1.     Coloured paper

2.     Scissors

3.     Glue

4.     Coloured pens

5.     String

Difficulty rating: 1/5 - the printable stencils allow for maximal fun with minimal effort!

Koru Kids nanny Katisha shared these super simple Halloween bakes. Actual cake baking is optional (you can buy all the cakes and biscuits in packets if you’re better at decorating than making.)

You will need:

1.     Cakes, biscuits and sweets

2.     Decorations: sprinkles, googly eyes, whatever your child fancies!

Difficulty rating: 2/5 - we think the hardest part (apart from not eating everything on the way back from the shops) will be finding British alternatives for some of the more lurid American sweets.

 Katisha has been getting crafty outside of the kitchen as well - she shared these 6 ideas to decorate the house ready to welcome trick-or-treaters on the 31st. These are a bit more ambitious, so it would be a nice activity to do over half term.

To make all 6 decorations, you will need:

1.     Balloons

2.     String, thread and wool

3.     Tape

4.     Glue

5.     Old newspaper

6.     Paint

7.     White muslin or similar fabric

8.     Wrapping paper tube

9.     Red and white candles

10.  Paperclips

11.  Pipe cleaners

12.  Googly eyes

13.  Pineapple

Difficulty rating: 4/5 - but, if you make them during half term then they’re ready to go for Halloween on Tuesday - one less thing to worry about on the night after coordinating tricks, treats and costumes…

Here are some cute little toilet roll beasts that one of our nannies, Thushara, made with the children she’s looking after. We don’t have any instructions for these but luckily they’re monsters, so anything goes!

You will need:

1.     Toilet rolls

2.     Pipe cleaners

3.     Paint or pens

4.     Any extra decorations you have lying around - Thushara has rather glamorously gone down the feathers and glitter route.

Difficulty rating: 1/5 - if there are no instructions then you can’t go wrong, and the kids can take full artistic licence…

Halloween Activity Ideas

And last but not least, here is a strong pumpkin-carving effort from our very own Rachel, founder of Koru Kids, and her daughter.

You will need:

1.     A pumpkin

2.     Perseverance

Difficulty rating: Rachel assured us that anything is possible with a YouTube tutorial

Halloween Pumpkin.jpg

If you're looking for an after school nanny then you can find out more here:

Introducing the first June '17 class of Koru Kids after school nannies

While most of London slept in on Sunday morning, our student nannies spent the day in class learning about choking, burning, bleeding ... and other less squeamish topics.  With paediatric first aid certificates now earned, and a list of fun activities to do with kids lodged in their minds, they're now ready to be matched with families for summer holiday and after school care. (If you'd like to register your interest for this service as a family, you can do so here.)

Here's a bit more about the members of the first class of June '17:

Alexandra is from Cyprus, and is about to graduate from City University London in Psychology. She is going to start her graduate certificate in Counselling in September and hopes to begin her PhD in counselling the following year. Alexandra has volunteered for Childline and currently volunteers for a school for children with learning disabilities. She loves animals (she has a pet dog) and also likes to cook and go to the gym.

Bethany is British, and just finishing up her 4 year course in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the University of Preston. In her third year at university she took a year abroad and worked as an au pair in Madrid which she thoroughly enjoyed. Bethany is really into her music and she plays guitar, piano and sings.

Eloise is currently on her placement year of her Business Management course at Liverpool university. She has plenty of babysitting experience and also helped out at an International Summer Camp for kids in Oxford, which she loved. She is very sporty and plays lacrosse at university.

Jane has just completed her foundation year at Brighton university but is moving to London to study Photography at the London College of Communications. She has extensive babysitting experience and also regularly helps out at junior ballet and junior yoga classes. Her passion is photography but she also loves dogs and has one of her own in London.

Elizabeth has just finished her first year at De Montfort university studying Fashion Textiles. She has decided to take next year out to work on her own clothing line, but was keen to get back into working with kids as she has a lot of previous babysitting experience. Elizabeth also runs her own business which organises events for females (birthday parties etc.) and makes a lot of her own clothes.

Soraya has completed her Graphic Design course at University of Westminster. She has a passion for drawing, and has even created two children's books! She would like to start her own company specialising in either children books, animation or video-gaming (you can see some of her work here She has experience of being a youth worker in a community centre, where she led the arts & crafts sessions for the children.

Alice has just finished her second year studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths. She has plenty of babysitting experience and even has a 6 month old baby brother who she loves looking after. She loves reading and painting and getting out and about.

Jack has just finished his second year studying Illustration at Middlesex university. He wants to go into teaching after his degree and used to teach kids break-dancing as well as babysitting for his girlfriend's younger sisters. He writes his own music, plays guitar and is a great cook.

Jasmine is a mum herself to her 3 and a half year old daughter and is looking to get into childcare as a profession. She loves to stay active and takes her daughter to the park regularly, as well as baking yummy cakes with her. She is also really into her photography and is always being asked to photograph her friend's kids.

Cashai is currently studying Sociology at Goldsmiths university. She has experience of helping out at a nursery, and is also hoping to get into teaching after university. She is very active and loves getting stuck in with hands on activities.

Kesiga is in her second year studying Maths at Queen Mary's University. She has experience working in a tuition centre for 7-16 year olds and enjoys helping children grow and develop. She loves to read and bake with kids.

Takiyah has just finished her second year at De Montfort university studying Contour Fashion. She spent 4 years working as a teaching assistant at StageCoach (a drama school) where she's picked up loads of ideas for games and activities to do with kids! She runs the PR for a university events company that she set up with a group of friends, which keeps her pretty busy!

Naziya has just finished her second year studying English Literature at SOAS. She has hopes of becoming a teacher when she graduates and has experience volunteering at primary and secondary schools. She loves reading, going to the theatre, cooking and spending time with her three young nieces and nephews.

Jerusha has just finished her first year studying Psychology and Counselling at Northampton university. She is an aspiring education psychologist and has experience of working in nursery and primary schools. She loves singing, dancing and writing her own songs. She is also a cheerleader and cheers competitively with her university.

Sinead has just finished her first year studying Journalism at the University of Arts London. She is really creative and used to help out with arts and crafts workshops for younger children at schools. She also used to volunteer at a farm where she would organise daily activities for little ones! She loves to read and enjoys writing.

Tizeoa has just finished her second year studying Drama, Applied Theatre and Education at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. She has plenty of babysitting experience, as well as completing a placement in a primary school helping children to read. She is also spending 2 weeks in Cornwall in June helping children with special needs through drama and acting which she is really excited about. She enjoys going to the theatre, especially musicals.

Stephanie is currently studying Healthcare Management at Arden University and is interested in becoming a child nurse. She has experience of working with children with special needs, and in mainstream primary schools. She loves music and spending time with her daughter.

Tracy is currently on a placement year from studying Social Work at Portsmouth university, and has chosen to work with Hampshire council at a community centre for children with disabilities, whether that's physical or mental health. She loves to spend time with her daughter, taking her to the park and going swimming together.

Would you like a Koru Kids nanny for after school or summer holiday care? Register your interest here and we'll let you know whether we have one immediately available. We'll be training more after school nannies throughout the summer, so if you're looking for September start, it's worth joining the waiting list now.