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Emotional wellbeing kids

Supporting emotional wellbeing Helping families flourish At Koru Kids we focus on the wellbeing of children and families, so we’ve asked experts how families can

Regressive behaviour

My toilet-trained child has started having accidents. What should I do? We had parents come to us worried about their child’s development regressing. One that

Too much TV

My 3 year old just wants to watch TV. What can I do? Lots of parents are struggling with getting their children motivated to do

Helping aggressive children

How can I help my child who is struggling with aggression? We reached out to parents to find out their biggest parenting questions, and put

Bedtime is getting later

How can I stop bedtime getting later and later? Lots of parents came to us with sleep related questions for Joanna Fortune, a child psychotherapist,

KK Guide to starting school

Koru Kids’ Guide to Starting School Your child and their first year at school If your little one is starting school this year, congratulations! This

mum and child giggling together outside autumnal

10 ways to support your child’s speech development

Language development is a crucial skill that forms part of your child’s development. In this blog, we’ll explain why it is valuable to prioritise speech and language development, as well as explore 10 clinically backed tips to support your children aged 4–10 on their journey in speech and language development.

Nanny first day checklist… and beyond

Your family will have unique expectations about what you want from your nanny. Setting these out clearly to your nanny from day one is a game-changer for their success in the role.

nanny with children reading

Starting Them Early: Reading

There are endless benefits of reading with children, from building bonds to supporting development. In this article, let’s explore what those benefits include.