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Current hiring trends that need to change 

You’re a professional nanny with tons of experience – but that doesn’t mean your job search is easy or you always get the respect you deserve. We’ve been in the business a while now, building an agency that cares about nannies, and we’ve noticed some hiring trends that NEED TO CHANGE. 

Here they are – and how to navigate them like a pro.   

At Koru Kids we’re working hard to educate families about being a good employer. We’re always on the lookout for talented professional nannies to join us. If you’re on the job hunt, register with us here.

  1. OFF THE BOOKS:  It’s a big red flag when a family offers to pay some or all of the wages ‘off the books’, or some of your salary ‘cash in hand’. Not only is this insulting to you as a professional, but it’s also illegal. What to do: Stand your ground and know your rights – you deserve to be paid above board
  2. CLEANING: Many families ask nannies to clean or do other non-nanny duties as part of their job description. This is completely fine if the role has been advertised with cleaning duties, e.g. as a nanny/housekeeper role. But if it’s a straight nanny role, you wouldn’t normally be expected to clean unless it’s related to feeding the kids, tidying up their toys, or putting away their clothes.  What to do:  Politely clarify expectations – and double check the contract
  3. NOT A BABYSITTER: Parents sometimes mistakenly refer to a nanny as a ‘babysitter’. There’s a big difference. Professional nannies have years of experience, and often qualifications. What to do:  Politely correct them – they might just be unaware of the proper term, especially if they’re from another country
  4. TWO-WAY STREET:   An interview is a two-way street – you’re interviewing the family as much as they’re interviewing you. We’ve heard of interviews where the nanny didn’t get a chance to ask about the family or working conditions. What to do: Towards the end of the interview, mention you have some questions too. If necessary, after the interview send a polite follow-up asking for more time
  5. GOING RATE:  Plenty of families try to get maximum bang for their buck, seeking loads of experience for beginner wage. Other families genuinely don’t know what the going rate actually is. What to do: Research the market so you can be confident in your own rate. If the parents hold firm at a rate you can’t take, be prepared to move on
  6. PAID TRIALS: We often hear about families who don’t pay for nanny trials, sometimes seeing them as part of the interview process. If you’re looking after the kids, though, this time should be paid for.  What to do: Agree the trial rate and the number of hours upfront. Through the Koru Kids system, you’ll be paid automatically
  7. NO CONTRACT:  Some nannies are working without a formal contract, which leaves them (and the families they’re working for) vulnerable. Like any job, a contract is both a legal requirement and a good idea.  What to do: Insist on a contract. If you get hired through Koru Kids, we’ll sort it and help make sure all the boxes are ticked for the family to legally employ you
  8. BANKING HOURS: Many families suggest a ‘banking hours’ arrangement. It might sound like this: “We’ll probably be home early sometimes, so you can leave early and just make up the time later.” That’s called ‘banking hours’, and while it’s understandable that families would want it, it’s not standard in nanny contracts.  What to do: Explain that you need security of income, as you’re sure they will understand — so the hours in your contract do need to be paid. If you want to, you could add that you’re happy to be flexible when possible, and take the opportunity to discuss arrangements for evening babysitting
  9. SURPRISE ANNUAL LEAVE: Sometimes families go on holiday often (or with little notice) but don’t pay the nanny for the days they’re away AND don’t allow the nanny to choose when they take annual leave. It’s not necessarily out of the question to do this, but you’d expect to be paid over-the-odds if this was your setup. What to do: Make sure your contract is clear about annual leave arrangements and that you’re happy with them 

We are always on the lookout for talented nannies to join us. As an agency that cares, we’ll help you find the dream role you are searching for without any of the issues mentioned above. 

What’s more, we’ll help you get employed legally and taken care of in your role so you can focus on doing the job you love most.

  • We’ll draft your contract making sure there are no grey areas 
  • We’ll register you with HMRC and the Pensions regulator so your tax and pension is above board
  • We’ll pay for an enhanced DBS check
  • We can help you book a First Aid course if you need it
  • We help you with payroll –  we’ll issue your payslip and make sure your Income Tax, National Insurance, Pension and Insurance are correctly paid

You’ll join one of our wonderful families where you’ll feel valued, set your own rates, and we’ll support you through your employment so you have peace of mind that someone has your back.

Register with Koru Kids today

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