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Our childminders love the freedom of working in their own home—shaping the brains and lives of children with a different adventure every day.

No two days will be the same, but every single one will be filled with smiles.

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Steps to earning £60k as a childminder

Earn up to £70,000

If you keep your home nursery small (and have your own children) you earn around £25,000 whilst saving on childcare.

But our career plan will guide you to earning up to £70,000 a year by taking on more children with the help of an assistant. We recruit and manage them, making it hassle-free for you.

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Support at incredible value

The support you get from Koru Kids is second to none. We support you in the beginning and in the long run. In return, we take just 10% of the fees that parents pay you every month.

We only earn money when you do.

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Tent showing the our childminders operate mainly outside of their homes

Small is beautiful

Our Ethos is outdoor first, so your home is simply a basecamp to explore the outdoors. This means even a modest space with the right toys and resources can be perfect.

We advise you on how to create a beautiful environment for children that families will love.

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