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Work Differently – A Manifesto for better work/life in childcare

We’ve recently launched a new call to arms ‘Work Differently’, but what do we mean by it?

At Koru Kids, we’re working hard to build the world’s best childcare service. But the critical factor in achieving this is hiring people who love what they do, and providing them with broader work/life balance and satisfaction. And working in childcare can actually do this. 

“Work Differently’ is more than a slogan, it’s a way of looking at your life and work and getting balance and fulfilment from them both. There has long been a debate over work/life; that has  become more acute during the pandemic. And in early years childcare in particular, the ever growing pressures of the industry (lack of support from the government, long working hours, low wages) are combining to create a perfect storm for an unstable sector with decreasing desirability. 

The government’s own 2020 report on this issue is remarkable.  If you have time (though we’re guessing you don’t!, it’s an 80 page read), “The Stability of the Early Years Workforce” report points out that only 16% of early years childcare workers are staying with their employer and in the sector long term, resulting in a high turnover close to that of the retail sector. 

But we want to reset this.

So we’ve created better jobs in childcare.

We believe that childcare truly is one of the best jobs in the world (the ultimate antidote to the modern 9-5 office grind). We’re using ‘Work Differently’ as a means to recruit for and motivate talented people who want to join us.Because we know that motivated people do the job better. And that means happier parents and happier children.

As a part-time nanny you can see yourself earning up to £12 an hour.  But most importantly, it’s a job that fits into your other commitments. You could be a university student with the smarts to help a little one with their homework, a grandparent or parent with time on their hands to cook nutritious meals at the end of a hard school day, or someone looking to supplement their other passions passing on your creative skills to a captive audience.

Learn more about becoming a nanny

As a childminder, you can be your own boss and take your own kids to work. Earning up to £37,000 (or even more in London – last month our highest earners took home the equivalent of £60k). The ultimate work-from-home; transforming your life and your work environment in one big swoop.

Learn more about becoming a childminder

The world has changed and so should work.

Read our Manifesto in full below. And if you’re interested, or know someone who could be, then join us on our mission, share our Manifesto and work how and when you want with us:  

Let’s face it. 
It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.
But society has changed
And so should work
RIP presentee-ism 
Say hello to working on your terms

We’re for the people for whom the 07.19 to London Waterloo isn’t a badge of honour
Who refuse to be tied to their desks
And who’d rather dabble in more al fresco and less al desko

For the hustlers 
For the shaker-uppers
For those who laugh in the face of the daily grind
We’re looking for the patchwork princesses
The I ‘do it my way or no way’ crew

The 3 day weekers 

We’re for the playwrights who want to play all day and write all night.
For the students who love making dens.

For the teaching assistants who have time on their hands. 
The Bake Off grandmas
The creative storytellers,
and the Pooh stick Olympians

So what does this mean for you if you join our team? 

Become a nanny, and get paid to play.
Work a few hours a week, in someone else’s home.
Pick up kids after school,
And choose the days you want to do.

Or become a childminder, and be your own boss.
Work a few days a week, in your own home.
It’s like take your kids to work day.
Except it’s everyday…or any day you choose anyway.

The world has changed. 
Isn’t it time we all looked at work differently?

Work differently?

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