Is a Montessori nursery right for your child?

Born from the theory that children learn best at their own pace and in line with their own natural interests, Montessori nursery is a popular early years childcare choice for many parents. But is it the right option for your child? With so many factors to consider, deciding if a Montessori setting is the best childcare choice can be an overwhelming task. We’ve looked at what sets a Montessori nursery apart, and how we’ve brought its best bits into our early years Home Nursery service.

Looking for a Montessori nursery?

What is a Montessori nursery?

The child-led teaching environment is a key philosophy of Montessori nursery. Children have the freedom to choose their own activities and encouraged to work at their own pace. Montessori nursery is based on the idea that a child-led environment helps to build confidence, self-esteem and harnesses curiosity.

A core element of a Montessori nursery is a multi age classroom, usually spanning 3 years. Children of different ages play and socialise together. Older children the opportunity to develop leadership skills, patience and empathy. Younger kids also benefit—they learn from and look up to the example set by their older peers.

Children in Montessori settings develop natural interests, without formal time-restricted timetables. They also benefit from enhanced social interaction and hands-on independent learning. Children can harness their curiosity in a Montessori nursery, which cultivates a life-long love of learning.

Things you’ll often see in a Montessori setting:

  • Low level toy storage so children can choose toys and activities themselves.
  • Activity stations set around a theme. Montessori nurseries often have five key areas of learning: practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics and culture. Children develop different skills through the different activities at each station.
  • Child-sized furniture and wooden toys.

How do Montessori nursery and Home Nursery compare?

If you haven’t heard of Koru Kids home nurseries before, it’s a combination of childminding, nursery and forest school all rolled into one. Built on the Koru Ethos, Koru Kids Home Nursery settings encompass many of the core principles of a Montessori nursery. Taking inspiration from the Montessori nursery’s emphasis on intrinsic motivation and self-regulation, children in Home Nursery settings are encouraged to play and explore. They ‘lead’ their own learning in the process.

With mixed age settings (3 months to 5 years), Home Nursery encourages children of different ages to learn from, and play with, each other. This benefits the growth and development of both younger and older children.

Wondering if Home Nursery could be a great fit for your child?

What other childcare philosophies are important in Home Nursery?

Forest School is also incredibly influential to the Koru Ethos. With the belief that natural settings provide untold opportunities for learning, children at Home Nursery spend each morning out and about exploring their local green spaces (and hunting for a minibeast or two as they go). Research confirms what all parents know instinctively—children who spend lots of time outdoors are healthier, better behaved and sleep better at night.

Another branch of the Koru Ethos is emotional resilience. Home Nursery Early Educators train in positive behaviour management, and emotions and feelings are often discussed. As a result, children build up the emotional resilience needed for lifelong happiness.

Is a Montessori nursery or Home Nursery the right childcare option for my child?

Based on the principles that childrens’ development is best supported when children are encouraged to play, explore and ‘lead’ their own learning, Montessori nursery and Home Nursery are great early years childcare choices if you’re keen for your little one to grow into a confident, self assured and independent grown up.

With the backing of the Koru Ethos, the emphasis on outdoor learning and building up emotional resilience, Home Nursery’s holistic approach respects the unique individuality of each and every child. The children in our settings develop social and emotional skills for life. 

If you’re considering a Montessori-led childcare setting for your child, you can read more about Koru Kids home nurseries here.

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