Outdoor learning ethos

Evidence backed common sense

Research confirms what all parents know instinctively—children who spend lots of time outdoors are healthier, better behaved, physically stronger and sleep better at night.

Natural settings provide untold opportunities for learning. Children gain the vocabulary of the natural world and embody an understanding of science and technology as they watch a sycamore seed spiral to the ground or a worm bury itself back into the soil.

Children aged 6 months to 4 years particularly thrive when they spend lots of time outdoors.

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Pre-school child in a childminder setting enjoying and learning out of doors

Flourishing minds & souls

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Modern-day problem solving

Most important to our children's survival in the modern world is that they are creative, adaptable, curious and have a love of learning. This is the greatest gift we can give our children.

A natural play space allows them to use all their heightened senses to really embody a knowledge of how things work with hands-on learning.

Children can unpack gravity, shadows and light and the seasons simply looking at a tree. They learn even more clambering three branches up!

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Deeply connected to nature

We all feel more centred when connected to nature and research shows children are no exception - they are calmer and better behaved. The beaming smile and rosy cheeks are all you need to see they are happier.

We believe that by nurturing an empathy with the natural world, Home Nursery children will grow up to defend this planet. We connect knowledge of the micro with the macro so that by the time they are old enough to write a placard they truly know what they are defending.

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Guided not taught

Our Early Educators are trained to nurture children to be self-guided and practice open ended enquiry.

Rather than simply telling children facts, they are trained to have high quality moment to moment interactions with your child - encouraging them to discover answers for themselves through exploration.

Two year olds in our Home Nurseries are really just mini-scientists in puddlesuits, conducting experiments. Next stop - a Nobel Prize!

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Keeping children adventuring day in, day out


Building resilience one wobble at a time

We don't teach children to avoid risk but to approach it with judgement.

We guide kids to safely climb, leap and take chances. Just climbing to the top of tree stump is a vital learning opportunity for children.

When they master these challenges, they feel exhilarated. They learn that they can cope with frightening situations and can improve their abilities bit by bit through perseverance.

A child who truly knows this is ready to take on the world, let alone school.

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