Your child's emotional wellbeing

A critical foundation stone

Our number one goal is for your child to build the emotional resilience needed for lifelong happiness.

As opposed to a revolving door of new key workers, they develop secure attachment to one adult across their early years. Low numbers means their Early Educator can quickly respond to your child in the moment, wiping away tears and soothing the frustration of another tussle over that fire engine. Again.

Our Early Educators support your child to understand, talk about and manage their emotions. Critical skills foundational for life.

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Building blocks of lifelong emotional wellbeing

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Conscious conversation

Grounded in world-class child development research, our Ethos places the Whole Child at its core. Our Early Educators learn techniques to embed this philosophy in every exchange with your child.

They learn to carefully choose their words and measure their tone, enabling your child to be positively guided in their learning and emotional development.

Your child will know in their heart they are secure, heard, understood and deeply supported.

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Positive behaviour management

Research shows positive reinforcement - not punishment - is the most effective way to manage children's behaviour.

Our Early Educators are trained in proven techniques to guide your child to want to behave well because it feels good - not because they are fearful of consequences.

We talk about feelings and use empathy so children make good decisions moment to moment. Our settings are calm with emotions in all their forms responded to consistently.

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Friendship skills for life

Our settings have the benefit of lots of individual attention for your child, without them missing out on the vital benefits of socialisation.

Being in a small group, your child will make meaningful friendships they will delight in every day.

To maintain these friendships they have to first learn, then practice, the skills of sharing, taking account of the feelings of others and negotiating with kindness.

Skills to manage friendships for life.

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Gentle transitions

We know that leaving your child in childcare for the first time breaks your heart. We've been there.

Settling your child into their home nursery needs to be done at the pace that's right for them - and for you. We put the emotional wellbeing of both of you first.

We create a bespoke settling in plan, just right for your child's temperament. We allow to you to attend shorter sessions alongside them, so that the transition from secure attachment to you to secure attachment to their new home-from-home is as gentle as it needs to be.

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