The ultimate childcare guide

I hope this guide can lead you through all your childcare choices including what they all are, what costs are involved and what to think about when choosing which to go for.

Chapter 1
I’m Rachel Carrell, founder and CEO of Koru Kids and also mum of 3 kids. I’m originally from New Zealand, but now live in North…
Rachel CarrellApr 2024
Chapter 2
Whether you’re returning to work post-parental leave or embarking on a new career after spending quality time at home with your kids, finding the right…
Rachel CarrellApr 2024
Chapter 3
Table of Contents Nursery What is a nursery?  Nurseries are a very popular childcare choice -- so popular that for many parents they’re the ‘default’,…
Rachel CarrellApr 2024
Chapter 4
Table of Contents What is wraparound childcare? Wraparound childcare refers to the hours of childcare that extend before and after regular school or nursery hours.…
Rachel CarrellApr 2024
Chapter 5
Childminder agencies  A childminder agency usually facilitates the connection between families looking for childcare and their registered childminders. Their role is to streamline the process…
Rachel CarrellApr 2024
Chapter 6
Even for British people, the UK childcare system is really hard to navigate. As an expat (aka an immigrant) myself, I know it’s even harder…
Rachel CarrellApr 2024
Chapter 7
The cost of childcare in the UK can vary significantly depending on type of childcare, location, hours required, and age of your child. Many families…
Rachel CarrellApr 2024
Chapter 8
Trying to find childcare that suits your family can be a time-consuming and stressful process.  We’re very fortunate in the UK to have so many…
Rachel CarrellApr 2024

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