Chapter 1
Written by Rachel, founder of Koru Kids and mum of 3, our childcare guide covers everything you need to know to find the right childcare for your family.
Rachel CarrellJun 2024
Chapter 2
Read our complete childcare guide to help you find the right childcare to suit your family.
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Chapter 3
Not sure where to start with nurseries, nannies or au pairs? Read our comprehensive childcare guide to help you find the right childcare for your little one.
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Chapter 4
Read our comprehensive guide to the after school or wraparound childcare choices there are in the UK, so you can find the right childcare for your family.
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Chapter 5
School holidays bring freedom and fun for children, but for working parents, it can be a logistical challenge. Eight weeks in one go when you only get 28 days…
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Chapter 6
Why do families choose to use childcare agencies instead of going direct? Read our guide to find out, and make an informed decision about your childcare.
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Chapter 7
If you’re new to the UK and struggling with UK childcare terminology, we get it. That’s why we’ve created this handy cheat-sheet.
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Chapter 8
The cost of childcare in the UK can vary significantly depending on type of childcare, location, hours required, and age of your child.
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Chapter 9
There is Government support to help you cover your childcare costs – for a full breakdown of what they are and how to access them read our guide today.
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Chapter 10
Part of our comprehensive childcare guide, we break down everything to do with the EYFS, from the research its based on to how it’s kept up to date with modern life.
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Chapter 11
The EYFS isn’t just for childcare providers; there’s plenty for parents to know too. Read our handy guide to what you need to know about the EYFS.
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Chapter 12
In our childcare guide we’ve shared some of the best questions to ask nurseries or childminders to get the answers you need to make informed decisions about your childcare
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Chapter 13
Including what to ask for and what questions to ask to get the answers you need to hear to move forward with a nanny.
Rachel CarrellJun 2024
Chapter 14
Read our guide to know what you should consider when choosing childcare that’s right for your family – it’s not about what’s right or wrong, just what’s right for you!
Rachel CarrellJun 2024
Chapter 5
Childcare for school holidays
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School holidays bring freedom and fun for children, but for working parents, it can be a logistical challenge. Eight weeks in one go when you only get 28 days holiday doesn’t quite add up. Here I try to give a quick run-down of some of the childcare options for the school holidays.

The ideal childcare solution depends on your child’s age, interests, and budget. Here’s an overview of popular options:

  • Holiday camps: These temporary activity camps, often run by private companies or schools, offer themed programs from arts and crafts to sports and outdoor adventures. Many provide full-day or half-day options for flexibility.
  • School clubs: Many schools offer extended-day or holiday clubs, providing a familiar environment with activities like homework help, sports, games, and creative workshops. This can be ideal for younger children who thrive in a known setting.
  • Nannies: For a personalised experience, nannies provide individual care and attention in your own home. They can tailor activities to your child’s interests and ensure a consistent routine throughout the holidays. This can often be a good option for less experienced nannies like university students who want to earn outside of term time. There are also cost-effective nanny options like having a nanny share with a local family or your child’s school friend.
  • Childminders: This cost-effective option is ideal for smaller groups of children and can feel like an extension of the family.
  • Travel nannies: Planning on going abroad during the holidays? Travel nannies can come with you, providing childcare and helping with logistics. This allows for family time while ensuring your children are well-looked after. Lots of families choose to do this during short winter breaks so they can enjoy ski holidays with childcare. Just bear in mind this is an expensive option so not available to many. We’ve got a dedicated article about taking your nanny on holiday if you want to learn more.

Planning for a smooth holiday transition

Something I’ve learnt the hard way when it comes to holiday childcare is that planning ahead is key.

Research early: Popular options fill up quickly. Start researching and booking well in advance, especially during peak holiday periods.

Communicate and prepare: Discuss childcare arrangements with your child and involve them in the decision-making process if possible. Talk about activities they’re looking forward to and address any anxieties they may have. For younger children, provide familiar items like a favorite toy or blanket to help them adjust to a new environment.

Read our guide on how to choose the right childcare for your family.

We hope that armed with these tips, you won’t need a ‘holiday from your holiday’. Good luck!