Welcome to the Nursery to Nanny training course

Your route to the best job in the world

As an experienced nursery worker, you already know tons about children and childcare. Now you just need one last thing so you can become a nanny: our short training course, “Nursery to Nanny.”

This course is made for people like you who want to start working as nannies. We know it’s a big change to go from a nursery to a family home. This training will help you learn all you need to feel confident and ready.

The whole course is only 9 chapters, which you can listen along to below

In this episode, you’ll learn a little more about this course and how it’s going to work.

In this episode, you’ll learn what the nanny role covers, the different types of nanny role you can do, and what they pay.

In this episode, you’ll learn what nanny life is really like. What’s a Day in the Life? How do you deal with things like food, groups, expenses, reporting — and how do you find other nannies?

In this episode, we’ll focus on the nanny contract. What do some of the important things in a contract mean? 

It’s time to talk about finding a job! We’ll talk about how to transition from nursery, how to think about part time vs full time, and how you can get some extra cash by letting your friends know too.

Now that you know the overall process of finding a job, we’ll really focus on the most important step: the Interview.  This is the longest episode because it’s full of tips on how to really shine and beat the other candidates to your perfect job.

It’s Day 1 of your new job! In this episode we look at what to talk to the parents about on Day 1.

In this episode we focus on the parent perspective. Understanding what’s going on in the life of a parent employer of a nanny is fundamental to creating a great relationship where you both have empathy for the other’s circumstances, and great healthy positive communication.

The final episode! You’ve learned so much over the past few episodes. Now it’s time to tell you the next steps, so we can get you into your new role as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

The training will tell you what to do next. Listen to the episodes 🙂 

No – we have jobs all over the UK. Most of our roles are in London and the South East, but by no means all.  

Yes, you still need to complete your application.  Once you’ve done this training and your application, you’ll be ready for introductions to families.

You can request an official certificate, and the training will appear on your profile. 

The training isn’t yet accredited to a professional body but we aim to do this in future.

Professional nannies set their own rates. On average this is £16ph (gross). As a new nanny without any nanny experience, you would expect to have your first job below this. We can discuss this with you individually if you like.  

Sorry about that!

Contact care@korukids.co.uk and ask for your email to be forwarded to Rachel

Yes, we have both part time and full time roles.

For new nannies, you’ll find it much faster and easier to get that difficult ‘first role’ if you can accept a part time role. Many people combine their first part time role with another job to get a ‘foot in the door’ for nannying. 

We talk about this in the course with a lot more depth.

Many nannies babysit for their families. However, right now we don’t have a service for doing babysitting for many families.

The Koru Kids mission

Building a better childcare system

We’re on a mission to find every family the childcare they need to help their family flourish. Childcare that creates awesome mini-humans, puts emotional wellbeing first, is easy to arrange, and doesn’t cost the earth.

Quality childcare not only improves children’s lives, but gives you the opportunity to pursue your career aspirations—so the whole family is happy and thriving.

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