These are the terms of the Koru Kids School Sponsorship Scheme:

  1. This offer is valid until Dec 2019
  2. We may change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time and without letting you know.
  3. This offer can’t be used along with any of our other rewards or offers.
  4. This offer is not available to Koru Kids employees.

  5. Referer (“Referer”): To qualify for this offer the Referer must
    • be 18 years or over
    • Refer a Friend as per the instructions provided by Koru Kids Ltd
    • not refer themselves to Koru Kids Ltd

  6. We’ll ask the Referer to share a link to our signup page, along with their referral code.

  7. School Sponsorship: For the Referer's child's school to receive sponsorship, the recommended friend ("Friend") must:
    • Be a new customer
    • Sign up for after school childcare via the Koru Kids website
    • Provide the Referer’s referral code during sign up
    • Employ a Koru Kids nanny for a minimum total of 12 weeks (“Active Weeks”) within 16 weeks of the nanny’s start date. The Active Weeks must uphold the nanny’s minimum contractually committed hours as per our Terms of Business (usually a minimum of nine hours per week).

  8. We will accept multiple referrals for a given school, so long as the other terms of the scheme are upheld.

    Collecting the reward:
  9. There’s no limit to the number of Friends a Referer can recommend. For each qualifying Friend, we will donate £100 to the Referer's child's school. This is a trial scheme and we may decide to limit the amount any school receives.

  10. If the Friend or Referer cancel their Koru Kids nanny within 3 months of hiring them (the “Qualifying Period”), or fail to uphold our Terms of Business, we reserve the right to cancel the sponsorship reward.

  11. Sponsorship money will be paid to each relevant school following the Referer and Friend’s completion of the 12 week Qualifying Period. The sponsorship money is non-transferable.

Terms version 1_3 updated 22/05/2019