Supporting emotional wellbeing

Helping families flourish

At Koru Kids we focus on the wellbeing of children and families, so we’ve asked experts how families can best support their children.

Until the age of three, a million neural connections are made in a child’s brain every second. Consistency and security during this period helps to lay the foundations of strong mental health for life.

After this, their emotional wellbeing needs to be nurtured through encouragement, warmth, acceptance and respect as their identity and individual path emerges.

Discover more about your little one’s emotional resilience and wellbeing, and what you can do to support it at home and at school in our articles below.

Yoga to support children's wellbeing

Victoria Tso of @inner_child_yoga_school, a specialist children’s yoga teacher and experienced classroom teacher, talks to us about yoga enhancing children’s wellbeing.

Dealing with separation anxiety in young kids

There’s nothing quite as precious as your child asking to spend time with you. But the urge to always be together can also cause challenges.

My young child just wants to watch TV. What can I do?

Some days it feels like a struggle to get them to do anything. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not the only one. Joanna tells us how to get them out of a rut and excited about play again.

Helping your kids with screen time

We spoke to expert Liane Katz of Mama.Codes, who shares tips to help you cut down your kids screen time.

My child has started having accidents. What should I do?

Many parents asked about toilet-trained children regressing. Joanna explains why this might be happening and how play and sensory activities can get them back on track.

What should I do about violent and aggressive behaviour?

Whether it’s serious or you just have a little hot head who easily blows their fuse, Joanna explains what to do and how to handle these difficult situations.

Got a little one starting school?

The first few weeks

Hannah Abrahams, child psychologist and mum of three, introduces some ideas around self-soothing and letting your child decompress at the end of their week.

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Adjusting to change

Dr Megan Shakesheff, clinical psychologist at New Avenue Psychology in South-West London, gives tips on how to spot hidden anxieties in your child, and how to help them problem solve these.

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Settling in

Niki Page, Early Years expert and head of reception (rated ‘outstanding’), shares some tips on settling in, and what you might expect in the first few weeks.

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