Connie, one of our nannies playing with the kids after school

After School Nanny Shares Are A Thing

After school nanny shares can be brilliant for kids, parents and nannies alike. The kids get to play with a friend, while the parents save money on the cost of the nanny, and the nanny gets paid more per hour. That’s a win-win-win for everyone.

What is an after school nanny share?

After school nanny shares are when the nanny collects children from two families from school. They get looked after in one of the family's home but this can also be rotated.

This can be great if you like the idea of your kids having friends to play with after school but want them to be in a home environment rather than an after school club.

How much does an after school nanny share cost?

An after school nanny share is also more affordable costing £9/hour per family (with Koru Kids).

This is 30% cheaper than our sole care option and the nanny also gets a pay rise so it's a great opportunity for them too.

Haven’t sign up for an after school nanny share yet?

Do the kids have to be at the same school?

For an after school nanny share to work usually the children involved all need to be at the same school so that the nanny can pick them all up at once.  

The kids need to get on with each other, and the families’ schedules need to be broadly compatible i.e. It won't work if all the kids have different activities in different places on different days.

How do I set up an after school nanny share?

Koru Kids can help you sort out an after school nanny share.

Need a mixture of sole and shared care? Have complicated holiday plans?

No problem. We’ve seen it all before. We are experts in arranging nanny shares, so we can help you with the process.

If an after school nanny share sounds like it might be right for your family, sign up below and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

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Get in touch with us at, or call 0208 050 5678.

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