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Do I need an Ofsted registered nanny?

Searching for the perfect nanny is hard! Bombarded with loads of different options and applicants, parents can have a tough decision to make. Do you want someone who used to be a nursery teacher? Or do you want a bubbly student in the midst of their studies? And what about Ofsted registered nannies? 

All these options are a lot to take in. If agencies and potential applicants are talking to you about Ofsted registration, you might be feeling confused or overwhelmed. You’re not alone! Sure we’ve all heard of Ofsted, but what exactly is it?

What does Ofsted do?

Ofsted is the ‘Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills’.

  • It’s part of the government. Their job is to: ‘inspect services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. Additionally, they inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people’ (Gov.Uk). 
  • Essentially, Ofsted is an agency which ensures services and businesses that work with children are up to country standards. They work to protect children and young people. 

If Ofsted registration a requirement for nannies?

Ofsted registration is mandatory for certain types of childcare. For example, childminders who work out of their own home need Ofsted registration to do so. 

For nannies, this isn’t a requirement. That said, they can put themselves on the ‘Voluntary Register’. Oftentimes nannies who do choose to register do so with their employer’s financial support. Ofsted registration can be a time-consuming process with extra costs.

Looking for your family’s missing piece?

If a nanny is Ofsted registered, what does that mean?

A nanny must have the following to become registered by Ofsted:

  • An appropriate first aid qualification
  • A minimum level 2 childcare qualification, or training in the common core skills
  • An up to date, compliant DBS certificate, registered on the yearly update service
  • Personal liability insurance, covering death, injury, public liability, damage or other loss

But Ofsted registration isn’t synonymous with quality!

There are so many amazing, kind, and experienced nannies who aren’t registered by Ofsted! Being registered with Ofsted doesn’t necessarily make a nanny more or less qualified to look after your little ones. At the end of the day, the judgement that matters is yours.

Getting registered with Ofsted is expensive and the benefits for nannies are limited. Because of this, a lot of great nannies choose not to go through the registration process.

Okay…so what’s the benefit?

If your nanny is registered with Ofsted, you could be eligible for tax-free childcare. To be eligible, you need to have:

  • an Ofsted registered nanny and
  • no one in your household who earns more than £100k per year.

Tax-free childcare significantly impacts the cost of childcare. It could make it a more feasible option for you and your family. Read more about tax-free childcare.

Do Koru Kids have Ofsted registered nannies?

Here at Koru Kids, we strive to find that missing piece of your family’s puzzle. We help to narrow your options, providing a wide array of high-quality, fully-vetted nannies. While some of our nannies are Ofsted registered, many are not.

We provide our nannies and childminders with numerous opportunities for professional growth and development. We offer online courses centred around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework and free Level 2 accredited (NCFE/TQUK) learning courses. Additionally, we offer amazing outdoor learning training.  

Does this sound like the right fit for you?

What does registration entail?

Ofsted registration can take a couple of months. There are also some extra costs to register and your nanny would need to complete mandatory training. Since nannies claim no direct benefits from being on the register, it’s common for families to cover the financial costs. But don’t worry – we’ll still be here to support you and your nanny if you decide to take the leap! 

Terms like ‘Ofsted registration’ might sound ominous. However, it’s important to know your options and their impact on your childcare journey.

If you’re ready to take that next step, sign up today! We would love to help find your perfect nanny to nurture your little ones and get them ready to take on the world! 

And remember, if you’d like an Ofsted registered nanny or want to support the right person with voluntary registration, just ask!

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