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A sensible agency fee for a true relationship

By charging a percentage some agency fees can add up to £3,000 or even £5,000. And that's just to kiss you bye bye.

We charge £1,850. And we stay with you.

Our one-off fee (payable on contract) covers us finding, vetting and setting up your nanny. We also run your ongoing payroll and continue to be there to support your nanny as an early educator - and you as an employer. This saves you £500+ per year in payroll agency fees.

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Deciding between nanny or nursery?

Nurseries can be wonderful but they don't suit every child or every family.

A nanny means:

  • One to one care vs. your child being lost in the crowd

  • Sleep, food and daily activities on your terms

  • Learning tailored to your individual child's interests and needs

  • A hassle-free start and end to your working day

  • When your child is poorly, childcare doesn't just go up the swanny

  • More cost-effective childcare with two or more children in the mix

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Once upon a time... a nanny hunt began

Tell us your story

We want to understand the ins and outs of how your family ticks... so we know exactly what you need from a nanny

We introduce you

We find you nannies to consider that really fit. You meet them and make your own mind up. We help you with interview tips if needed.

An adventure begins

We negotiate any of the ugly side for you. Getting you into a water-tight and fully compliant contract. So you can have a fantastic relationship from the start.

Happily ever after

Our ongoing support means you all stay supported.

Our childcare coaches help your nanny with ongoing guidance and support.

We support you as an employer - ironing out any niggles. Fast.

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We've got your back

Medium plant showing that Koru kids support you as you begin to get your childminding business established

Rigorous checks and vetting

Your nanny will have an enhanced DBS as standard.

We interview them, check out their qualifications and verify their experience and professional references on your behalf - so you can proceed with confidence.

Your nanny will have taken a 12 hour paediatric first aid course so have the gold-standard in training to respond in an emergency.

We can give you interview tips so you leave no stone unturned at interview.

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Watertight contracts and employer support

We sort your contract.

We negotiate any tricky bits on your behalf so you can have a great relationship from the start.

We make sure everything you do as an employer is fully compliant and you are always the right side of the law, HMRC and the Pensions Regulator.

Throughout, we're there on the end of the line to help you smooth out any bumps in the road.

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Large plant showing that as you want to expand your childminder business Koru Kids is there to support you

Childcare coaching

Nannies can suffer from working alone - they sometimes have no mentor or manager to ask advice of when things are tricky.

Not with Koru Kids. We offer childcare coaches with our team of teachers and early year experts.

We're on hand every day to advise you or your nanny on learning and development, supporting your child's emotions, weaning, sleep management and everything else in-between.

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Emergency nannies

If your nanny is ill we know that leaves you in a pickle.

Being part of the UK's largest nanny agency means we're best placed to find last-minute short term nanny cover for you from a fully-DBS checked professional.

We manage payment through our payroll service so it's all sorted in a few clicks.

Allowing you to quickly get back on with your day.

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