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Our part-time nannies work in your home for just the hours you need, from as little as 3 hours a week.

Covering those hard to fill hours of the school holidays. Early pick ups, late drop offs or full days here and there. A part-time nanny can be the glue that holds your school holidays together. 

All-in pricing from £15.75 an hour in London and the home counties, and from £14 an hour in the rest of the UK. Per family, not per child.



Part-time nanny

Illustrator and set painter Ella has been a part-time nanny for 2 years, and previously worked in a nursery

Experience: 4 years
Age Groups: 2-5 years
Availability: 5 days



Part-time nanny

Gaia has been volunteering at summer camps and babysitting a boy with autism alongside her Psychology degree

Experience: 1 year
Age Groups: 4-5 years
Availability: 3 days



Part-time nanny

Sima has vast amounts of experience in nurseries and working with children with SEN, as well as being a mum to a grown-up son

Experience: 20 years
Age Groups: 2-9 years
Availability: 4 days

Abdul Khalid

Abdul Khalid

Part-time nanny

Abdul Khalid loves sports and is an energetic, hands-on big brother to his 3 younger sisters

Experience: 2 years
Age Groups: 4-6 years
Availability: 5 days


Filter and search nannies

Easily search, interview & hire

Quickly browse nannies in your area who meet your specific requirements. Message and arrange interviews and you’ll have your childcare sorted in minutes.

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Hassle-free payment

All-in pricing and no admin headache

We do simple pricing, starting at £14 per hour.

The rates on our nanny profiles include tax, admin fees and any other extras.

We make sure your nanny’s employment is all above board with none of the admin hassle on you. You pay a £99 one-off employer setup fee towards this.

Our app allows you to seamlessly approve shifts and expenses.

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Ongoing support

Trained so your family flourishes

Our upfront training ensures your nanny knows what’s expected of them, how best to support busy working families.

Our experienced Support Team is always there to help your nanny. We provide heaps of activity and recipe ideas, and offer ongoing childcare training – in particular around supporting your child’s emotional wellbeing.

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Choose a nanny based on their experience level

We base our nannies rates on their experience level. We reference this experience before setting the nanny on a higher tier. Our hourly rates includes; your nannies wage, registering you with HMRC, paying your employer taxes, pension and insurance. It covers our service fee for finding, training and vetting them plus VAT. You’ll also get monthly payroll and continued support and coaching for your nanny.  

<1 year of experience (£15.75-£17.10/hour)

These nannies are often university students who will have volunteered, babysat or nannied before but haven’t worked continuously in childcare for a year yet.

1 year of experience (£17.25/hour)

Need a nanny with parental instinct or more experience? These nannies’ have their own kids or a minimum of 1 year of formal childcare experience.

2+ years of experience (£18/hour)

For those looking for more formal childcare experience, for example, in schools or nurseries. These nannies’ have 2+ years of formal experience.

3+ years of experience (£19/hour)

Looking for a professional nanny? Our career nannies have 3+ years of formal experience and lots of childcare expertise.

Getting started

How Koru Kids works


1. Write a job post

Tell us what kind of childcare you’re looking for


2. Browse our nanny profiles

Search personalised profiles, set up interviews and trials. Nannies can also apply for your job (if you opt-in).


3. Hire & leave the admin to us

We’ll set you up as an employer with contracts, pensions, holiday pay and insurance taken care of

Don't just take our word for it

You might be wondering...

Once you’ve decided to hire one of our nannies, we’ll carry out an enhanced DBS check and invite them to attend our online Paediatric First Aid training course at no extra cost.
Our nannies cost £14-19 per hour, per family, depending on your nanny’s childcare experience and the number of hours of care you need. We don’t have any finder’s fees and our service fee is included in your hourly rate.
We’ll show you nannies that live close to you first so their travel time is reasonable for a shorter shift and their reliability can be assured. If you are looking for longer hours nannies are willing to travel further for more hours, so you should have plenty of choice of nannies with the experience you’re looking for.
Yes! When you decide to hire a nanny, it will be the same nanny working with your family on your agreed days and times.

Some can, but the lots can’t. If your nanny can drive it will be marked on their profile.

All of our nannies speak fluent English. For most, it’s their first language, but many speak other languages as well. Our nannies come from a range of backgrounds, so just let us know on the registration form if you have any language requirements and we’ll do our best to send you nannies who speak that language. If it’s a bonus rather than a deal breaker, the number of potential nannies we can show you really increases.

We have a range of nannies if all experiences. Many of our nannies looking for after school shifts only have experience with older children but many others are willing to work longer hours and have experience with babies and younger children. Look out for a run down of their experience on each profile.

All our nannies must pass our bespoke online training and Paediatric First Aid course before they start working. This has been developed by our in-house training team (made up of a former teacher and former nanny).
As you will be the legal employer of your nanny, the contract exists between you and them. Koru Kids will write the contract for you so you don’t need to worry. When we set up your contract, we will ask you to complete our set-up form which will ask for some preferences. We’ll then send out a draft version of your contract for you to review.
Our standard nanny contracts have a 2 week probation period with 24 hours notice. After the probation period, the notice period is 2 weeks. You can also choose to have an initial trial shift before offering the role to a nanny. If you do need to bring the contract to an end, you simply need to provide your nanny with the agreed notice period. We’ll be there to support you with all the next steps to ensure your contract is finalised.
If you’re looking for a nanny for less than 4 weeks, we may be able to help. Most of our nannies are looking for long-term roles but we do have some nannies who would be very keen to help out a family for an interim period such as the summer.
For arrangements that are less than 4 weeks, we do ask that families offer a minimum of 20 hours in total across the full contract. We currently cannot facilitate contracts that are smaller than this.
If you need a nanny for less than 9 hours each week, an additional £1 surcharge will apply. This is to ensure we can provide the same level of service throughout the period of your contract.

Yes! We are currently expanding to other parts of the UK. When you register with us we’ll instantly tell you if we have nannies available in your area.

You may be able to pay using childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare, provided your nanny is Ofsted registered. Please note, the vast majority of nannies will not be registered with Ofsted due to the part-time nature of the role. The cost and time to register usually outweighs the savings parents could make by using childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare.

Nannies will look after your children in your home vs. a childminder who works in their home. 

Nannies typically work for one family or two if it’s a nanny share. A childminder will look after children from multiple families.

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