Simple all-inclusive pricing. No finder's fees.


Choose a nanny by desired experience level

Our hourly rates include everything: taxes, pension, insurance, pay rises for your nanny, our service fee from handling all your admin, and more. We validate the experience of our nannies and assign their pay rate accordingly. This way, you’re comparing like for like.


<1 year of experience (£13.50-£14.25/hour)

For those looking for a fun, active, and super smart after school hero for your kids. These nannies are often university students.


1 year of experience (£15/hour)

Need a nanny with parental instinct or more experience? These nannies have their own kids or a minimum of 1 year of formal childcare experience.

Formal childcare experience nannies

2+ years of experience (£16/hour)

For those looking for more formal childcare experience, for example, in schools or nurseries. These nannies have 2+ years of formal experience.

Professional nannies

3+ years of experience (£17/hour)

Looking for a professional nanny? Our career nannies have 3+ years of formal experience and lots of childcare expertise.


Where your money goes

Paying your nanny

The amount your nanny receives including their holiday pay and pay rises over time - all included in a single hourly cost.

Finding your nanny

All our nannies pass strict vetting. This includes ID checks, references, internal training and first aid training. We also cover enhanced DBS and Public Liability Insurance costs.

Handling your employer obligations

Leave the admin to us. We take care of contracts, payroll, HMRC setup, National Insurance and pension contributions. For your first nanny, you pay a £76 employer set up fee towards this. You only ever pay this once.

Ongoing support

We have a dedicated team to help your nanny succeed. We offer top-up training, 1:1 coaching, access to a best-in-class activity bank, and extra support via our app.


How you'll pay your nanny

Each month your nanny submits their shifts in our app, you approve them and are invoiced. If you don’t work with your nanny for the minimum hours you’ve agreed in their contract, you’ll still be billed for them.

With your first nanny, we charge a £76 non-refundable employer setup fee. You only ever pay this once. We have no hidden costs.

You'll pay for the first four week's childcare in advance. This is to pay your nanny's final invoice. Don't worry, we will refund any hours you overpay from their final month with you.


Nanny pay rises - on us

Koru Kids are dedicated to paying our nannies fairly, and recognising their service and ongoing development. This is reflected in our pay progressions.

After 6 months of working with Koru Kids, your nanny gets a 50p pay rise. They'll get another 50p per hour after 12 months of nannying. We do this by reducing our cut of the service fee - so there’s no extra cost for you.

Reliable income for your nanny

We know families need different amounts of childcare. We balance this with making sure our nannies can rely on their income. We don’t allow our nannies to have zero hour contracts, so when you hire your nanny you'll need to commit to a number of regular hours.

If you hire a nanny for less than 9 hours a week during term-time, you’ll pay an additional £1 an hour and you’ll still need to offer at least 3 hours per week. We don’t charge finder's fees and this allows us to give you and your nanny the same level of service and support. See full details of our minimum hour policy here.

Can I share a nanny with another family?

Yes! Our nannies can look after children from two families at the same time. It’s a brilliant option if you’d like your children to benefit from a play mate while still getting all the benefits of a nanny. Plus, it’s just £9 per hour, per family and the nanny gets a pay rise too.

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