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Our free childcare course: Starting to work in childcare

Considering a career in childcare but unsure what training you’ll need? With numerous pathways you can follow to land a childcare career, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming.

A free childcare course can be a brilliant starting point. Our online childcare course covers a range of introductory topics, from the qualifications you may need, to a taster of a food hygiene course— ultimately, helping you decide if a rewarding childcare career is right for you.

Who is the free childcare course for?

Knowing where to start in any career move can be difficult. If you’re considering a move towards childminding, nannying or working in a nursery, taking a short introductory childcare course can give great insight to what’s involved in the role— without the commitment. The course can also be a great refresher if you’ve studied or worked in childcare previously, and are considering starting again.

What’s covered in an online childcare course?

If you’re considering a career in childcare, you’re likely to have lots of questions. Do I need qualifications to work in childcare? What’s the EYFS? Our free childcare course is a one-stop shop for answering these and more. 

Our online childcare course covers the following topics:

  • Pathways in childcare: we cover common childcare roles including childminding, nannying, and nursery work.
  • Childcare qualifications: we explain which qualifications you may (or may not!) need to start a childcare career.
  • Childcare topics taster: we give you taster lessons in some of the common topics you might train in. Think safeguarding, food hygiene, the EYFS, and more.

What’s the benefit in taking the course?

Our online childcare course is free to take, and takes less than an hour to complete (perfect for busy parents!). You can complete it in your own time, and you don’t need a laptop or any fancy technology; it’s mobile-friendly and you can do it on-the-go. You’ll finish the course with a clearer idea of whether a childcare career is for you, reared and ready to take on the next steps.

Looking for a career in childcare?

Learn more about childcare careers at Koru Kids.

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