Working from home with kids

How to survive working from home with kids

Working from home when you’ve got kids around is tough. We know because a lot of us have to do it too, especially since 2020 when working from home is more common.

Most people had never experienced working remotely from home before. Then add children running around the house, going stir crazy for your attention and asking not only what’s for dinner, but lunch too. One minute you’re on an important video conference call, and the next you’re covered in paint. Your child has adopted a toy they’re calling their mobile phone because they see yours is surgically attached to you. You can’t remember the last time you had a minute to yourself just to breathe. All while your child-less colleagues are going on about how much they love the peace, quiet and time lockdown is giving them to perfect their fitness routines. 

And the worst thing of all? 

The guilt.

The solution isn’t just about finding a balance between working and ‘spending time with the children’ – it’s more complex than that. Parents want their children to keep developing as they would at school or nursery. This means less screen time, more attention on the right academic work, staying active, having daily structure and 3 healthy meals a day. Meanwhile they’re working harder than ever and trying to show their value at a time of mass furloughs and redundancies. It’s an impossible ask. 

It’s also putting emotional pressure on couples to the point where one (usually the lower earner) is considering forfeiting their job. Sharing childcare between couples who are working full-time jobs part-time simply isn’t sustainable. Not only is this affecting the mental and physical wellbeing of parents, but businesses will start to suffer too as their employees work to exhaustion. 

There are definitely ways to help increase productivity, better mental health and reduce feelings of guilt. From setting up a good workspace, to finding a routine, getting some fresh air…

But ultimately they just need childcare!

Who knows how long this is going to continue for but it’s looking more and more likely to be months not weeks. Now more than ever parents need childcare in place so they can keep doing their jobs effectively until September, when schools are most likely to re-open. As long as they keep ‘muddling through’ like this, there are going to be serious long-term consequences for many businesses.

If you’re interested in finding a workable childcare solution for your employees talk to Koru Kids. Your employees can hire a nanny, who will work with their family during this period of uncertainty either full-time or part-time. 

We’ll provide the same nanny each day in the family home, to keep both the family and nanny safe, with the option for a live-in or live-out nanny. Some families are even choosing to have their nanny work virtually to help with school work and activities.

We have a mix of nannies available. Some are professional, qualified nannies suitable for ages 0-3 and some are students and older nannies with childcare experience suitable for ages 3+. All nannies are vetted, referenced and receive Koru Kids ‘top-up’ training plus first aid. They also receive a full package of support from Koru Kids once placed.

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