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5 top tips for approaching your first cold season with a baby

Tis the season…for runny noses and tickly throats. If you’re a first time parent struggling to cope with your first cold season, we’re here to help. We’ve spoken to the parents at Koru Kids who’ve been through it all before, and compiled their top 5 tips on how to manage those tough winter months with a little one.

Top Tip 1

Rebecca, a Koru Kids mum who is currently on maternity leave with her 8 month old son, recommends buying a humidifier. “Our humidifier was a game changer. He was waking up totally bunged up and with a dry mouth. Our humidifier has made a big difference.” Vicks even have their own sweet dreams humidifier, which we’d recommend.

Top Tip 2

James, Koru Kids Head of People, swears by Olbas oil to get his 18 month old daughter through the winter. He recommends putting “drops of Olbas oil in a bath” and also putting “small candles with Olbas oil in their room.” Olbas oil is a remedy for congestion in the chest and nose. You can buy an oil just for children, which can be used with babies as young as 3 months old.

Top Tip 3

For another Koru Kids mum Kellie, who has a 2 year old daughter, the hardest thing is adjusting to the whole family ending up with a constant cold at this time of year. “Spending a whole day at home taking it easy doesn’t come naturally to me but it’s important when everyone is under the weather.” She recommends to “stock up on nice tissues and Vicks vapo rub”, and above all else, take it easy and get lots of rest if you feel yourself starting to get ill.

Top Tip 4

Mark, a dad at Koru Kids with a 4 year old daughter, says  – “Not a tip but more of a warning. I hadn’t appreciated before having kids that they make you ill. I’d very seldom get ill before the arrival of my little bundle of chaos, but they seem to be uniquely equipped at decoding and then breaking your own immune system.” Just because they’re little, doesn’t mean they can’t spread germs! If your baby gets ill don’t forget how important it is to protect your own health as well – simple things like washing your hands regularly will really help.

Top Tip 5

 Having an ill child can also cause chaos to your childcare arrangements. Nurseries, and often childminders, will send children home at the first sign of a sniffle – a nightmare for any working mums or dads. If you’re fortunate enough to have a nanny, or be part of a nanny share, this is where you can really benefit. Nannies are usually more than happy to take care of sick kids, even managing things like doctors appointments and picking up medicine.

If you’re interested in setting up a nanny share, try out our free tool which connects local families so they can share childcare.

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