How much does nursery cost in London

How nursery costs vary across London 2018

Since Koru Kids specialises in arranging nanny shares, we wanted to understand how the cost of a nanny share compares to nursery costs. So we called 100 nurseries in London and asked their fees.

We found that in general, nurseries are cheaper in East London and more expensive in West London and South-West London. 

Nanny share works out as a bit more expensive than nursery in the cheaper parts of town, but roughly the same in the more expensive areas. 

Click a marker to see the costs, or the top left of the map to see the values the colours represent.

For this survey, we phoned 100 nurseries and asked their current fees for full time care. 'Full time' generally means something like 8am to 6pm, although some nurseries open a bit earlier and shut a bit later. 

We also asked about when you need to register and how registration fees vary in different areas.

If you're interested in learning more about nanny share as an alternative to nursery, find out more about how it works, or why families love it. Alternatively, feel free to contact us using the form below.

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