“I didn’t know an after school nanny was a thing”…and it might be exactly what your family needs

So, you’ve begun the daunting task of sorting after school childcare, but your kids don’t enjoy the after school club, the childminder is full and you don’t have family members nearby. If the thought of hiring an after school nanny makes you feel a bit ‘what?!’ you wouldn’t be the first! Associations with Mary Poppins and inflexible, admin riddled arrangements are long gone; after school nannies come from all walks of life and have never been easier to hire than now. And, they might be more affordable than you think (especially if you have more than one child as nannies charge per family not per child).

At Koru Kids we specialise in helping families find amazing after school nannies that are flexible, fully vetted and fun (bonus, we handle all of the admin). But, don’t just take our word for it! Here are some things our newest parents have been saying about having an after school nanny:

Nanny and children in the woods

After school nannies are flexible and can fill those tricky hours that other options can’t cater for:

The arrangement is really convenient for us both. It is amazing to have someone come to the house to get my daughter ready for school. Gemma will also do longer hours if I’m running late.” – Liz, a Bristol parent

I needed flexibility and not that many hours which isn’t catered for by other nannying agencies.” – Katie, a Birmingham parent

They can be a great alternative for kids who aren’t enjoying their after school club:

My kids were in after school club but my daughter was much younger than the other children and the days were too long for her.” – Katie, a Birmingham parent

I needed to find something quickly as my daughter hated after school care and breakfast club.” – Liz, a Bristol parent

With all the admin hassle handled by Koru Kids, parents agree that finding and hiring a nanny is straightforward process:

“It’s so easy to use, I found Gemma within a week of looking. Everything from the interviews to the payment process is so straightforward. It also puts our minds at ease knowing that Koru Kids also do the first aid training and DBS checks together with the contracts which protects both parties.” – Liz, a Bristol parent

My sister has a Koru Kids nanny in Bristol and recommended the platform because she was having a good experience and liked the way it works.” – Katie, a Birmingham parent

If you have two or more children, an after school nanny can be a cost effective option:

I got a job unexpectedly and couldn’t forward plan for anything else. With having 2 children and needing part-time after school care, it felt like the best route to go down.” – Samantha, a Manchester parent

I couldn’t find a childminder and because I have 2 kids, nannying seemed like a cost-effective option.” – Lisa, a Birmingham parent

Part-time nannies don’t only provide childcare to your kids, but bring calm to the whole family:

“Gemma is wonderful and has really made our day to day lives easier. My daughter is a much happier little girl.” – Liz, a Bristol parent

Nanny and children in the woods

Wondering what it’s like from a nanny’s perspective? You can read more happy family and nanny testimonials here. If you’re looking for after school childcare to bring peace and calm to your home in 2022, browse part-time nannies in your local area here.


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