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5 benefits of nanny shares

“I love the flexibility of nanny share – we can increase or decrease our hours each week and our nanny has been great, we really fell on our feet with her.” Mum of two, Blackheath

We love nanny shares because we believe it ticks the boxes for all the most important parts of childcare, from social development to more personalised care, it’s filled with positives.

Here are the top 5 benefits of nanny shares

1. Reduced Cost

Sharing a nanny with another family allows you to upgrade you childcare without a huge increase to your childcare costs.

With Koru Kids you’ll be paying £9 per hour for any time that your nanny looks after both your and your share family’s children.

This is the total cost for our service – no other fees are involved.

That’s 30% cheaper than having your own nanny

Many families who nanny share also love the fact that this makes holiday care more affordable, as full day care becomes cheaper.

This also keeps your nanny happy as it allows them to work more over the holidays.

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2. It breaks up the long school day

For younger children especially, the 9am – 3pm school day is long enough.

The idea of spending another 3 hours at an after school club can be exhausting for some.

With an after school nanny share, your kids get to spend time with their friends in a familiar and more relaxed environment.

This is especially beneficial for younger children who are only just getting used to being at school.

3. Social Development

With nanny share, children get both the benefit of a personal relationship with their nanny and also the social benefits of spending time with another child.

Evidence shows that spending time with other children, in settings where they become almost as close as siblings, is enormously beneficial for cognitive, emotional, social and linguistic development.

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4. Benefits for your nanny

Our nannies love being part of nanny shares.

The role is a step up from the usual after school nannying role, as they get to work for two employers and usually look after more children. Therefore, they receive a higher rate of £11 per hour.

5. An extra pair of hands

Some families have told us that one thing they love about nanny share is that they have the extra protection of another family if any of the kids are sick.

One family we spoke to recently explained that if one of their children was ill, the other parents would help out with morning drop off.

Just having another pair of hands to help out when things don’t quite go as planned can be a big weight off your shoulders.

Koru Kids’ mission is to profoundly improve the lives of a million families, and nanny share allows us to get there even faster.

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Haven’t signed up for an after school nanny share yet?

If you need help finding a family to share with, check out our Family Finder – a free tool we built which connects parents with local families looking to nanny share.

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