How much does an after school nanny cost?

Our price structure is super simple: the service costs £13 per hour per family.

This rate applies assuming you can offer 9 hours of work per week (or 39 hours per month). If you need fewer hours, a slightly higher rate will apply – drop us a line to find out more.

The hourly rate covers:

  • The upfront recruitment, vetting and training of your nanny
  • Your nanny’s wages
  • The cost of training your nanny
  • The enhanced DBS check
  • Contract preparation
  • Their holiday pay
  • Any required pension set-up, administration and pension contributions
  • Any employer and employee national insurance contributions
  • Managing and running monthly payroll
  • Advanced cover against sick/maternity pay administration if required (meaning you won’t be charged in the unlikely event your nanny needs to claims those). Find out more here
  • Ongoing support for the nannies and for you via our online community and our team of ex-teachers, and our fee. The fee is per family, not per child.

We also offer a nanny share service which is even cheaper. You might already know a family that you’d like to share a nanny with, so that one of our nannies can takes care of the children from both families at the same time kids, at one of the houses, after school.

If the children get on with each other and go to the same school, these ‘after school nanny shares’ can work brilliantly.

Can I use childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare?

  • Unfortunately, neither tax-free childcare nor childcare vouchers can be used with this service as our nannies are not Ofsted registere
  • Because our nannies are not full-time, the cost of preparing and registering them with Ofsted usually outweighs the savings you would make from paying via childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare

How does payment work? Do I pay the nanny or Koru Kids?

Each month, we’ll contact your nanny and ask them to report their hours and any expenses. This is usually done on the 25th of each month. 

We then run those hours past you for confirmation. You'll then receive an invoice from us.

You are direct debited (by us) between 7th-10th of the following month, when the nanny gets paid.

Your payment is made monthly to Koru Kids using our secure direct debit payment service GoCardless. 

(e.g. for the hours worked in September, you will receive an invoice in the first week of October, and your account will be direct debited in the second week of October)

In some instances, where the nanny’s start date is more than two weeks in advance we will ask for a deposit to secure the nanny.

Do I have to pay the nanny all year around?

No, you just pay for your contracted hours during term time.