Professional nanny pay

Access to only the very best

We have years of experience in recruiting nannies and our selection and vetting means only the top 10% make it to our network. 


We check for a valid First Aid Certificate, Enhanced DBS check and their right to work in the UK.


Two glowing references, one has to be a full time childcare role.


All nannies must have our 6 core competencies, including a passion for childcare, empathy, reliability and great feedback skills.


3+ years experience as a nanny for under 5s, or less with experience in nurseries or childminders plus additional childcare qualifications.

Your nanny's hourly rate

Our professional nannies set their own hourly rates from £16p/h gross.

Our professional nannies have a wide range of experience and specialties. This is why they set their own hourly rate.

The rate you see will always be in “gross”. This gross rate includes the nannies “net” pay (what they get in their bank) and their income tax and National Insurance. 

You’ll also need to pay Employer National Insurance and pension contributions.

For example. A nanny is £16p/h gross. They work 30 hours a week. Their gross annual salary is £24,960. The total annual cost to you, the employer once you add on Employer National Insurance and Pension contributions would be £27,710.

The Koru Kids Service Fee

We charge 10% of the nanny’s annual gross salary + VAT

Working life is changing (thank goodness!) and with more flexible opportunities we see more families looking for help a few days a week. We have a % fee vs. a large fixed fee to keep things fair.

We also provide all your employer admin for free for a year (worth £350 +VAT per year). 

Employer Support

This is free for your first year, worth £350 +VAT per year, billed monthly thereafter

If it’s your first time hiring a nanny and it’s all a bit daunting or you’ve done it before and know the hassle involved – you can have peace of mind that we’re taking care of things. 

  • Contracts – We’ll draft your contract and support teasing out any issues with role expectancy
  • Taxes & Pensions – We’ll register your employment arrangement with HMRC and the pension regulator
  • DBS checks & First Aid – We’ll process an Enhanced DBS Check and book your nanny on a First Aid course if needed
  • Payroll – We’ll issue your nanny’s payslip, direct debit you for your tax and pension contributions and transfer them on your behalf (no sitting on hold!)
  • Settling in support – We’ll be on the end of the phone if you need us and we have childcare quality coaches available to support your nanny

Our goal is to set you and your nanny up for success without adding to your to-do list.

You might be wondering...

Some of our professional nannies have valid Enhanced DBS Checks. If it’s not valid we will re-run it so it’s valid when they start work. This can take up to 2 weeks. 
We require all nannies to have a certificate from an in person First Aid course that’s not more than 3 years old. If it’s out of date will help you book them on a course. 
Traditionally nannies used to ask for a “net” number (what they’ll get in their bank account) and then a calculation was made on what “gross” pay was needed for payroll.
However, we always recommend discussing “gross” hourly rates and this is now the most common way in the market.
This is because if a nanny works for two families or takes up additional work the amount you need to pay them could increase.
If your nanny needs to complete a new first aid course or you would like to register them with Ofsted then this isn’t included in our service fee.

Each month we’ll produce a payslip for your nanny. This will show the amount you need to transfer to your nanny. 

We will direct debit you for taxes due to HMRC and the pensions regulator and make these on your behalf.