Why having an after school nanny is the best decision for your family


Being a working parent is one big juggling act - it often feels like the wheels are going to fall off the bus any minute. Getting a nanny brings the calm and equilibrium your whole family craves. 

Focus on work, not fish fingers

You can give your job 100% until the very end of the working day; knowing your children are safely collected, their homework is done, they’ve relaxed in the sanctuary of their own home (minus the screen time) and had a home cooked meal. 

Quality evenings

When you take over, the to-do list is done. Children have decompressed with a bit of distance from school. Now it's simply quality time, a chance to connect and then tuck them off to dreamland.

Mental health investment

Koru Kids families tell us time and time again that their nanny is a priceless mental health investment for the whole family. Kids are happier and calmer. And parents, having the space to breathe can bring their best selves to parenting.


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Choose a nanny by desired experience level

Our hourly rates include everything: taxes, pension, insurance, pay rises for your nanny, our service fee from handling all your admin, and more.


<1 year of experience (£13.50 - £14.25/hour)

For those looking for a fun, active, and super smart after school hero for your kids. These nannies are often university students.


1 year of experience (£15/hour)

Need a nanny with parental instinct or more experience? These nannies have their own kids or a minimum of 1 year of formal childcare experience.

Formal childcare experience nannies

2+ years of experience (£16/hour)

For those looking for more formal childcare experience, for example, in schools or nurseries. These nannies have 2+ years of formal experience.

Professional nannies

3+ years of experience (£17/hour)

Looking for a professional nanny? Our career nannies have 3+ years of formal experience and lots of childcare expertise.

Do Koru Kids nannies only do after school?

No! Lots of parents use our part-time nannies for their pre-schoolers - for a handful of full days a week or part-days around nursery, for example.

If you are looking for a full-time nanny for your baby or toddler we have a brand new service to help find you someone marvellous. Our concierge matching service and full agency support will help you hire with confidence for a sensible one-off fee.

This is known as our Early Years Nanny service.

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