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We are looking for an all-rounder to join us for a 2-3 month paid internship in our UK expansion team.

In the last few years we’ve delivered over one million hours of childcare to families in London. But we know childcare isn’t just a London problem, and we’ve got big ambitions to help families all over the world.

Your mission will be to make Koru Kids a success in other major cities in the UK. Primarily, your role will be focused on figuring out how we recruit fabulous nannies and spread the Koru Kids word to parents in these new locations. You'll be using data to understand the effectiveness of your initiatives. You should also be prepared to roll your sleeves up and get stuck into the day to day running of our service in the new cities.

Initially we are starting with Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester, so local knowledge of these areas would be a great bonus (but not essential!).

We're based in London, but the role can be done from anywhere in the UK.


Why this role is important to Koru Kids:

Finding good quality childcare is a painful process for families. We exist to change this for families around the world, starting here in the UK. This role is instrumental to making this happen.

When children are cared for in the best way possible, parents have more space to work or just catch a breath and the whole family can flourish.


You should also be:

Tremendously ambitious - This opportunity is what you decide to make it. We want brave, curious individuals who question "how might we?".

Curious to learn - We need people who are comfortable not having the answer to everything, and always wanting to learn what you don't know.

Buzzing with ideas - You are constantly generating different ideas to help us accelerate further.

Humble - You take ownership of successes and mistakes. You value experiences and feedback that helps you learn.

Fast-paced - Your favourite speed is extra fast. We don’t have months to plan campaigns and we need to deliver every day to drive the desired growth. You feel at ease when things move quickly.


A typical day


It’s the company standup where you hear our GM Josh talking through trading performance and how we’re looking against targets.


You get together with the rest of the expansion team to agree priorities and unblock any issues for the day.


 It’s time to check-in on how our Bristol marketplace is looking. You notice nanny applications have dropped and so share the job in local facebook groups.


Creative time! You spoke to some families in Manchester yesterday and have ideas to make our facebook ads more compelling by changing the imagery and copy.


Time to enjoy the sunshine and grab some lunch.


You're organising flyering in Brighton and interview a couple of Koru Kids nannies to make sure they're up to the job. Luckily they both seem great, and you have confidence they'll be able to convince parents to sign up.


You’re joining a brainstorming session on how we can encourage families to hire nannies for September.


You want to make sure the nannies can actually find parents to give flyers to. So you look at historic family sign ups and schools in the area to pick the best locations.


Time to grab the last bit of sun for the day, ready to start fresh for tomorrow

Important things to know...

Timing: We'd like to have the right person join the team ASAP - ideally w/c 19th July.

Flexibility: The role can be done flexibly. It can also be part-time if you like, although we do need someone for at least 20 hours/week. We welcome parents and would love to discuss any other working arrangements that make it possible for you to be part of our team.

Salary: The salary for this role is London Living Wage - £10.85 per hour.

Career progression: Once the internship has finished you will be encouraged to apply for Junior roles across the organisation. We take Career development at Koru Kids very seriously, with regular feedback every 3 months, and promotion boards (to decide on your pay and progression), sitting every 6 months.

Location: You can do this role from anywhere in the UK and earn the same salary as you would if you were in London (where we are based). We welcome applications from people living outside London. Outside the UK is more complicated as it has tax and other implications, so we are unlikely to hire someone living outside the UK.

About us

Koru Kids is building the world’s best childcare service, starting in London. We believe that every family should have the perfect childcare for their family to flourish.

We’re growing like crazy, are backed by fantastic investors, including top venture capitalists and business angels such as Michael Pennington the founder of Gumtree, and have won a ton of awards for our technology, people and social impact.

Our culture is informal, hard-working and kind. The team is an A++ when it comes to talent but our "no dickheads" rule means we're also a humble and supportive bunch.

We’re also really committed to working with integrity, doing the right thing and building a company we are truly proud of.

We have always promoted flexible working and are currently working remotely but we will have the option of an office space to work from next year.

We can't fully capture what working at Koru Kids feels like, but here's our best attempt to give you a sense…. Every new starter in the Koru Kids team meets with our founder and CEO Rachel in their first week, to talk about our company values and what they really mean in practice. We recorded one of these sessions, and here it is. In this recording, Rachel meets with Adam, a software developer on Day 5 of his job with Koru Kids. She outlines our commitments to transparency, quick decisions, humility, continuous personal growth, recognising that we are humans and not robots, respecting each others' time, and our no dickheads policy.


How might I develop personally at Koru Kids?

In this recording, Rachel outlines the 7 different ways we help each and every team member to develop faster at Koru Kids than they would anywhere else on earth.


A series of conversations with the team

Rebecca and Kellie - Marketing

"I was so drawn by the complexity of the problem and I was immediately drawn into solving it….

It's the best team I've ever worked on and I feel like I've hit the jackpot really"

An Nguyen - Chief operating officer

"It's such a hard problem and being able to tackle that is really fun" - Koru Kids COO An Nguyen talks about why he joined Koru Kids, what he's looking for in a hire, and why we hire in a weird way at Koru Kids.

Michael Baird - Head of engineering

In this recording, Michael talks to Rachel about why he joined Koru Kids, what kind of team he's building, the technical problems we're working on, and what kind of engineer will flourish at Koru Kids.