Being a full-time nanny is amazing - but what can you earn?

How much can I earn as a full or part-time nanny?

Feeling confused about pay?

Being a nanny is one of the most fulfilling careers you can have. Working in childcare, you get to form special bonds with families and help their little ones blossom.

However, understanding what you’ll earn at the end of the month can be confusing. You might find yourself feeling a little baffled when it comes to answering the question “how much can I actually earn?”

We’ve created a handy calculator to show your estimated pay depending on the hours you work per week. Please remember:


      • your gross pay is what you earn before any taxes or additional deductions

      • your net pay is what you pocket after taxes and pension contributions

    As a nanny, it’s essential that you understand your gross and net pay and the difference between the two. You might be tempted to only focus on net pay. Learn why gross pay is just as important.


    How to estimate your earnings as a nanny

    Choose the number of hours you will be working as a full-time nanny each week, click the ✓ to select it and then click below the drop-down menu to view the graphs.

    You will be able to compare your gross and net earnings, and be able to compare your earnings to your employer’s costs.

    Bear in mind…


        • The numbers given are only an estimate and assume you have a 5% pension contribution and no other sources of income

        • These calculations are based on the tax year 2022/2023 (ending 5 April 2023)


      Looking for a part time nanny role?

      Koru Kids is here to help find your perfect family! We make it easy for you to find your perfect part time nanny role. We’ll support you along the way and when you start work, we stay by your side.

      You usually work for one family with one or two children, usually aged 3 to 11. You can earn £10.25 -£13.95 an hour, depending on experience. Most of our families are looking for 9-15 hours a week in the afternoons, usually to collect their kids from school and take them to their family home.

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