Childminder assistant: how to become one, find one, and when to hire one

As a successful childminder with a big home and lots of parents looking for a childminder in their area, you might start thinking about finding an assistant.

So when’s the right time to start looking? How do you vet and hire a childminder assistant? And how do you get a job as a childminding assistant, if you can’t open up your own home nursery? Find out below.

When should I get a childminder assistant?

If your home’s big enough to work with an assistant, it’s good to start searching early. Then your childminding assistant is trained and vetted by the time families need you. Leave it too long, and it might be a stressful race to the finish-line.

How many children can I look after if I have an assistant?

How many children you can look after depends on 2 things—how big your home is, and how old the children are. For instance, children under 2 need more space. You and your assistant can each care for 3 children under 5, but only 1 of those can be under 1. If you provide after-school care you can also have some older children in your setting, but it all depends on if your home is big enough. Why not email us if you need to know exactly how many children you could look after together?

How much can I earn if I work with a childminding assistant?

It depends a lot on where you live and how many children you can look after together, so mainly how big your home is, and if you have any children of your own. Why not use our childminder earnings calculator to find out what you could earn working with an assistant?

How can I find an assistant?

You can choose someone you know to assist you in your home setting (a friend, family member or neighbour) or if you do not have anyone in mind, we can always help you to create a job advert to advertise the position & send you a guide to help you navigate through interviewing them.

Where can I look for childminding assistant jobs?

You might see a childminder post in your local Facebook groups. Message them to see if they need an assistant. You could also have a look to see if there’s a childminder near you. 

What if I can’t work as many hours per week, but I still want to work with children?

A childminding assistant can often be expected to work full days, 4 or 5 days every week. But if you love working with children and need more flexibility, we always have roles for after-school nannies

What’s the difference between a childminding assistant job and a nanny job?

Nannies usually work a few afternoons every week, doing school pick-ups, and looking after children from one family in the children’s home. Nannies work on their own, and adjust their routine to what the family requests and what the child is used to. If you think this might be a better fit for you, learn more and apply to become a nanny here.

A childminding assistant works in the childminder’s home and out and about in the fresh air, always working together with the childminder to provide stimulating activities and safe care. They usually look after younger children, so previous experience is a big plus.

What are the most important skills for a childminding assistant?

Since a childminder employs you, you shouldn’t need any previous training or qualifications. They’ll help you get the training you need before you start caring for children. The most important thing you can bring to the table is that you really love working with children. As long as you have a real passion for childcare and childhood development, the rest will come!

Not sure a childminding assistant job is right for you?

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