Some indoor activity and craft ideas for cold January afternoons.

Egg Carton Penguins´╗┐

Simple and adorable – who doesn’t like penguins? All you need is an egg carton, some black paint, coloured paper, googly eyes and glue.

Homemade Snowglobes

´╗┐Christmas may have passed, but did you know that statistically, the heaviest snowfall in London is most likely to come in February?

Underground String Map

Try using pins and some wood to make a string map of the underground, or anything of your choice. Simple pictures are also fun to design in this join-the-dots style activity.

Find this one with a timelapse of the build here.

Have a Theatre Afternoon

Come up with a simple story or musical with some favourite songs (or pick one that the kids know) and put on a show. This works great with multiple children, or you can co-star for an individual child.´╗┐