Could you turn your current nanny job into a nanny share?

In a recent big survey of London nannies, 40% said they would like to work in a nanny share.

It’s not hard to see why. Working in a nanny share is a great way to earn more (about an extra £2 net per hour).

In fact, wages data shows that nanny share is not only the best way, but pretty much the only way for a London nanny to earn a lot more per hour.  

The data shows that even if a nanny studied for a new qualification, got years more experience, registered with lots of agencies, learned a new language, and got Ofsted registered -- all good ideas -- it still wouldn’t have as much financial benefit as simply working in a nanny share.

As well as the extra pay, many nannies say nanny share makes the job more fun, and even a bit easier when the children play with each other.

The great news is that you don’t need to find a new job to do a nanny share. It might be possible to turn your current role into a nanny share.

That would mean you would be looking after another family’s children at the same time as your current family’s, working between the two houses (usually about 5-15 minutes’ distance apart). You’d be paid a higher rate for the hours that you look after the children together, and your usual sole rate for any sole hours.

If you’re interested in doing this, the first step is talking to your boss to see if they are interested too. If the conversation goes well, we can then find another family for you to share with. This is a free service for you and your family.

In case you find it helpful to have some advice for bringing up nanny share with your boss, here’s how other nannies have done it:

  • Emphasise that you’re happy with your current family, but also want career progression as a nanny, and that that’s why you thought of nanny share
  • Explain that it’s possible to add another family into your current arrangement, and how it could work.
  • Mention the benefits of nanny share for the family: social interaction for the kids; and a big saving on the cost of your wages

The parents will likely have questions that you should think about in advance, like:

  • “Will you be able to cope with more children?”
  • “Will the eating and sleeping routines work together?”
  • “Will the children be happy?”
  • “How much would I save?”

You can reassure them by showing that you’ve really thought about how it might work, talking about successful nanny shares you’ve seen elsewhere, and mentioning how great it can be for the kids to have a friend to play with as they grow up.

To make it easier for you, we can also send you an email to forward to your bosses which explains how nanny share works, and how much they could save. If you’d like this, let us know your email address here.

If you have any questions about nanny share and how it works, just give us a call.  We’re always happy to talk to nannies about nanny share, and give advice where it’s needed.