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Top tips for finding your perfect Koru Kids nanny

We wish we could guarantee one of our amazing nannies for every family that signs up with Koru Kids. We’re constantly recruiting new nannies to meet the demand, but unfortunately it isn’t always possible to find a nanny who meets every requirement. 

Generally speaking, the more flexible you can be with your requirements in Instant Search, the more nannies you’ll have to choose from. Certain requirements can really limit the number of nannies who appear in your Live Count.

If you need 5 days of care a week…

Although many of our nannies can work 5 days a week, they tend to get snapped up quickly so it can take longer to find one. We know it may not be possible but if you were able to consider a nanny who could cover 3-4 days a week then you’d likely have many more nannies available to choose from.

If you need a driver (with or without their own car)…

Unfortunately the majority of our nannies don’t drive, and even fewer have their own car in London. However, they are all happy and confident taking kids on public transport. We know having a nanny who can drive may be essential for pick up, but if there was an option for the nanny to use public transport then you’d have a wider selection of nannies open to you.

If you need morning care…

Most of our nannies are only available for after school care and therefore aren’t free in the mornings. If morning care is a deal breaker for you this will really reduce the chances of us having a nanny for you, but we will still try our best to find you someone.

If you need a specific language…

We have many international nannies who speak a wide variety of languages. However, finding a nanny in your area who speaks the language you are looking for and meets all your other requirements can be difficult. If a language is an added bonus (rather than an essential requirement) let us know so we can display more nanny profiles for you to consider.

We completely understand that it may not be possible to be flexible on any of these things. But if you are able to change any of the above, try loosening your search criteria accordingly to open up your search. It should really help your chances of finding a great nanny.

You can update your search requirements at any time via the menu on your Koru Kids dashboard (by clicking the icon in the top right of the page).

If you ever want to speak with one of the team about your search, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using live chat or WhatsApp.

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