Trying to figure out how much a nanny costs?

How much does a full or part-time nanny cost me?

Nanny costs can be a nightmare

We know that figuring out how much a nanny costs and what you can afford is a nightmare. Things like net pay, gross pay, taxes, and pensions are hard to understand. What will a nanny actually cost you at the end of the day?

That’s why we’ve designed a nifty calculator to help compare the costs of hiring and employing a nanny in the UK. 

The calculator shows the estimated cost for you after employer National Insurance and pension contribution depending on:

  • the nanny’s gross hourly rate before any taxes and
  • the hours you need

How to calculate the cost of a nanny

Choose the number of hours you will need a nanny for each week. Next, click the ✓ to select it and then click below the drop-down menu to view the graphs.

You will be able to compare your monthly and hourly costs for nannies of different gross hourly rates.

Bear in mind…

  • These calculations are based on the tax year 2022/2023 (ending 5 April 2023)

  • The numbers given are only an estimate. They make some assumptions about your nanny’s pension, National Insurance category and other income.

Don’t forget agency and payroll management fees

Nanny agencies usually charge a percentage of the nanny’s salary as a placement fee, so their fees can be up to £8,000. Payroll companies will charge £500 per year to comprehensively run your nanny’s payroll each month.


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