Once you've met your nanny and decided to hire them, Koru Kids will take care of all the admin. When you confirm to us that you want to hire your nanny we'll email you and ask you to do three things:

  1. Complete the set-up form. This allows us to draw up your contract, set up your nanny's payroll and pension, and if necessary register you with HMRC
  2. Sign up to GoCardless. This allows us to invoice you, direct debit you and pay your nanny each month
  3. Make arrangements with your nanny to start work

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the service cost?

The after school service costs £13 per hour per family (not per child) — and nothing more. There are no registration fees, finders’ fees, or any other hidden fees.

This cost covers your nanny’s pay plus:

  • Holiday pay
  • Any employment taxes that are due
  • Payroll set-up and administration
  • Monthly payments service (we will direct debit you and pay your nanny so you don’t have another thing to think about each month)
  • Pension set-up and administration
  • Sick and maternity pay in the unlikely event that this is required
  • Processing the nanny's DBS check (once you and your nanny have both agreed to go ahead)
  • The nanny's boot camp training 
  • The nanny's paediatric first aid training (once you and your nanny have both agreed to go ahead)
  • Contracts
  • On-going support for you and your nanny

Please note: Unfortunately, neither tax-free childcare nor childcare vouchers can be used with this service as our nannies are not Ofsted registered. The cost of getting your nanny Ofsted registered usually outweighs the savings from paying in this way.

How does my nanny get paid?

Each month, we’ll contact your nanny and ask them to report their hours and any expenses. This is usually done on the 25th of each month.

We then run those hours past you for confirmation. You'll then receive an invoice from us.

You are direct debited (by us) between 7th-10th of the following month, when the nanny gets paid.

Your payment is made monthly to Koru Kids using our secure direct debit payment service GoCardless. 

(e.g. for the hours worked in September, you will receive an invoice in the first week of October, and your account will be direct debited in the second week of October)

In some instances, where the nanny’s start date is more than two weeks in advance we may ask for a deposit to secure the nanny. Find out more about deposits here

How does holiday pay work?

The £9 per hour that your nanny gets includes their statutory holiday pay (12.07%). This keeps it simple as any holiday earned is paid at the end of each month. It also means that if the nanny takes a holiday, then it will be considered an unpaid holiday. You only pay for the time the nanny works.

Do I need a National Insurance number?

Yes, we’ll need this to set you up as your nanny’s employer. If you do not have one, you can find out how to here.

How does the contract work? 

As you will be the legal employer of your nanny, you’ll need to provide them with a written employment contract within the first 8 weeks of work. Koru Kids will guide you through the process and draft the contract, so don’t worry!

Will there be a notice period?

We recommend a notice period of 2 weeks, for the first 12 weeks of service, increasing to 4 weeks notice thereafter. If you would prefer something different, you can change this.

Can I change anything on the contract?

When we set up your contract, we will ask you to complete our set-up form which will ask for some preferences. We’ll then send out a draft version of your contract for you to review. If you wish to make any changes, just let us know!

Are the contracted hours flexible?

When you and a nanny decide you’d like to go ahead on a permanent basis, we’ll ask you to agree on a minimum weekly number of hours as well as the days and times you would like the nanny to be working with your family.

It is really important that you can commit to these minimum agreed hours every week during term-time. Your nanny will depend on this income.

However, we appreciate families need some flexibility with their childcare and understand these hours might vary from time to time. Sometimes you might be running 15 minutes late from work or you might like your nanny to do some babysitting. No problem! As long as your nanny is happy with this, you can arrange this directly with them. The nanny will then report all the hours that they work at the end of the month, and we’ll include these in your monthly invoice.

What if I don't need my nanny to work one day?

If you don’t need your nanny to work, let them know as soon as possible. If this results in your nanny not working their minimum contracted hours we recommend you discuss this with your nanny. Often parents make up the hours with additional shifts within that month. This way the nanny's income is protected that month and you're not paying for time you don't need.

How do we arrange extra babysitting / holiday care?

Babysitting and holiday care can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis, and you can arrange this directly with your nanny. Your nanny will simply report these hours at the end of the month to us and they’ll be included in your monthly invoice. If your nanny isn't available to help in the holidays let us know and we will try and find another nanny to help out.