Professional Nanny Pay at Koru Kids

How much can I charge?

Koru Kids professional nannies can set their own hourly rate. This helps you earn what you deserve. We also want to make sure it’s appropriate for your area and level of experience so you can find a great job.


Different areas of London have different average rates depending on the demand and the number of professional nannies in that area.


The more experienced you are the more you can charge. However, this does level off and you will need to set a rate that’s competitive to be considered for roles.


If you speak additional languages then families will often be willing to pay more for this.

Unique qualities

You might have experience with twins, special educational needs or children who need medical support. This experience allows you to charge a premium.

Start with the average for your location

Based on Professional Live-out roles in 2022/23

    1. West London – £16 per hour (gross)
    2. North West London – £15.50 per hour (gross)
    3. North London – £16 per hour (gross)
    4. East London – £16 per hour (gross)
    5. South East London – £16.50 per hour (gross)
    6. South West London – £16.50 per hour (gross)
    7. Central London – £18.50 per hour (gross)

Adjust based on your experience, languages & unique qualities

If you’re only a few years into nannying you should set your rate under the average unless you speak another language or have specific experience the family are looking for. If you’re very experienced you can charge more.

We don’t recommend setting your rate above £22 per hour gross. There are families that will pay more but typically this will be via more specialist agencies for rota nannies or High Net Worth individuals which will be more demanding in terms of duties and travel.