How Koru Kids pay works

The family will be your employer but Koru Kids take care of setting everything up, paying you and supporting you.

You’ll get between £11.75-£13.95 per hour (including holiday pay) in London or £11-13.50 outside London, depending on your childcare experience.

We’ll set your pay rate based on your experience so there’s no awkward negotiation.

Standard experience

£11 - £12.85 per hour

You’ve regularly babysat for family and friends. You might have volunteered with children, worked at an after school club or have other childcare experience.

  • £11/11.75 per hour (including holiday pay) in London/outside London if you are under 21
  • £12.85 per hour (including holiday pay) if you are 21+

Parental experience

£12.85 - £13 per hour

Your children may have grown up but you still know the ins and outs of caring for small children, or you might provide regular care for your grandchildren.

  • £12.85/13 per hour (including holiday pay) in London/outside London

Professional experience

£13 - £13.95 per hour

You’ve worked as a teacher, teaching assistant, nursery worker, nanny, childminder, lunchtime or passenger assistant, or similar roles.

Your rate is based on the length of your experience and roles you’ve had:

  • £12.85/£13 for 1+ years of experience for London/outside London
  • £13/£13.45 for 2+ years of experience London/outside London
  • £13.50/£13.95 for 3+ years of experience as a nanny or childminder.

These are the standard rates most nannies are on. Sometimes a different rate from these is given to a nanny under promotional circumstances. If you have been told a different rate as part of signup or by the Koru Kids team, that rate will be accurate.

Already a Koru Kids nanny?

We want to make sure you’re paid correctly based on your childcare experience. If you’re already a Koru Kids nanny but don’t think your pay is right, please let us know so we can adjust your pay.

Income you can rely on

Families need different amounts of childcare and we try to support this as much as possible. We balance this with making sure our nannies can rely on their income. We don’t allow zero hour contracts, so when you agree to work with a family they’ll commit to paying you for a regular number of hours each week during term time.

Find out more about this here.

Other frequently asked questions

You’ll get to see the ages of the kids before you start chatting to a family or accept a job. Most families are looking for care for children aged 4-11yrs.

No – you can become a nanny in many locations across the UK including Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Surrey, Hertforshire, and Berkshire.

No – anyone over the age of 18 can become a nanny.

You’ll be able to see where the families live when searching for roles so you can pick a location convenient for you. After collecting the children from school, you’ll spend most of your time in their house.

Yes – most nannies only work for one family.

No – you don’t need any formal qualifications or experience to become a nanny. However, we do like to see that you have spent time with kids in the past (and that you enjoyed it!).

Most families are looking for a minimum commitment of 3 months to give you time to settle in with the kids and their routines. 

You’ll also be able to do a trial shift with the family before you accept the job.

Nannies typically only look after one families children (or in a nanny share two families children). Nannies work in the children’s home whereas childminders work in their own home looking after children from different families. You can find more information on childminding here.