Homework help

Encouraging tired kids to get their homework done after school can be tough. We’re here to help.

Here you’ll find:

🌱 Why a growth mindset is crucial to foster with the kids

✏️ Videos on how English is taught in schools today – including phonics, reading and handwriting

🔢 Videos on maths strategies and ways to make it fun

Growth vs fixed mindsets

5 steps for homework focus

Helping with reading, phonics and handwriting

Reading aloud with young children

10 tips for helping kids with phonics

All 44 phonic sounds

What are noun phrases?

Helping kids practice handwriting

Helping with maths homework

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach

Addition and subtraction strategies

All 44 phonic sounds

Making multiplication fun!

Teach fractions with Lego

Using card games to teach addition

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