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Finding the right nanny for your nanny share may feel daunting.

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Why nanny shares are great

When children get an incredible start to life and can grow together, families get fantastic childcare for the same price as nursery and nannies get paid more, everyone wins.

Access to only the very best

We have years of experience in recruiting nannies and our selection and vetting means only the top 10% make it to our network. 


We check for a valid First Aid Certificate, Enhanced DBS check and their right to work in the UK.


Two glowing references, one has to be a full time childcare role.


All nannies must have our 6 core competencies, including a passion for childcare, empathy, reliability and great feedback skills.


3+ years experience as a nanny for under 5s, or less with experience in nurseries or childminders plus additional childcare qualifications.


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When you register we’ll ask the you some questions, help you set up a great job ad and you’ll be all set to start messaging nannies. 

Employer support

Ongoing support

We include all our employer support for free - worth £350

There are lots of boxes to tick when legally employing a nanny – we’ll take care of these giving you peace of mind.

  • Employer set-up – we’ll organise your contract, register your nanny with HMRC and set-up their pension 
  • Payroll – We’ll issue your nanny’s payslip so you can pay them directly
  • Taxes & pension – We’ll pay HMRC and your nannies pension on your behalf
  • DBS checks & first aid – We’ll process an enhanced DBS check and check they have a valid first aid certificate
  • Settling in support – We’ll give your our settling in guides and always be available to help
  • Ongoing support – We’ll provide settling in support, free training and access our training, Poppin (our AI activity generator). Our  childcare coaches are also on-hand for 1:1 support

Our goal is to set you and your nanny up for success without adding to your to-do list.

You might be wondering...

A nanny share is when a nanny works for two families, caring for children from both families together at the same time. Parents share nannies to give their children someone to play with, to give their nanny a pay rise, and to save on childcare costs.

Yes, typically a nanny will get paid £2-3 per hour more for a nanny share. Nanny share is a great way to give your nanny a pay rise and share the cost with another family.

We have a free tool called the Family Finder which will connect you to other families who want to share. You can also try local Facebook groups and your NCT/Bump and baby network.
Usually, both families’ houses are used for the share.  However, families can agree something different. For example, if one family has a parent working from home they may prefer the share to always be at the other house.

Sometimes one of the families will want to buy a double buggy (e.g. if they expect to have a second child at some point). Alternatively, the costs can be split.  Families are expected to provide nappies, wipes, and formula for their own children if required, and may agree to make a contribution towards food.

We recommend that sick children still get looked after as part of the share. This is a major benefit of nannies over other forms of childcare such as nurseries and childminders, who will send sick children home. Usually children are contagious well before showing symptoms anyway, so they’ve probably already passed it on.  

Each family will be the legal employer for half of the contracted days or hours. As you will be the legal employer of your nanny, the contract exists between you and them. Koru Kids will write the contract for you so you don’t need to worry. When we set up your contract, we will ask you to complete our set-up form which will ask for some preferences. We’ll then send out a draft version of your contract for you to review.
Our standard nanny contracts have a 2 week probation period with 24 hours notice. After the probation period, the notice period is 2 weeks. You can also choose to have an initial trial shift before offering the role to a nanny. If you do need to bring the contract to an end, you simply need to provide your nanny with the agreed notice period. We’ll be there to support you with all the next steps to ensure your contract is finalised.
If you’re looking for a nanny for less than 4 weeks, we may be able to help. Most of our nannies are looking for long-term roles but we do have some nannies who would be very keen to help out a family for an interim period such as the summer.
For arrangements that are less than 4 weeks, we do ask that families offer a minimum of 20 hours in total across the full contract. We currently cannot facilitate contracts that are smaller than this.
If you need a nanny for less than 9 hours each week, an additional £1 surcharge will apply. This is to ensure we can provide the same level of service throughout the period of your contract.

Yes! We are currently expanding to other parts of the UK. When you register with us we’ll instantly tell you if we have nannies available in your area.

Nannies will look after your children in your home vs. a childminder who works in their home. 

Nannies typically work for one family or two if it’s a nanny share. A childminder will look after children from multiple families.

Nanny sickness is rarely convenient but it’s easier to deal with in a nanny share than in a sole nanny situation. That’s because nanny shares involve two families as backup, so it’s more likely that one of the adults can take a day off and look after the children without it being a total disaster. From a payments perspective, our blog has more information on what happens if your nanny is sick.