The Koru Kids Service: An Overview

What to expect when you hire a nanny

Helping you to find a nanny is just the beginning of our service. Our core aim is to create happy and lasting childcare arrangements and we are committed to making the employment of a Koru Kids nanny as simple as possible for our families.

We take care of all the fiddly admin work that makes employing a nanny such a chore (see a full breakdown below).

We also have a dedicated team on hand to provide support and advice for you and your nanny.

Employing your nanny “above board”

Once you’ve interviewed and found the right nanny we’ll make it easy to hire them. We’ll make sure from a legal and tax perspective everything is done right. By completing the set-up form in the app we’ll have all the information we need to set up your contract and notify HMRC of your nannies employment. 

What do Koru Kids do behind the scenes?

But that's not all...

Feedback and additional training

Giving regular and effective feedback is crucial to building a strong working relationship. We’ve developed a feedback tool to help you reflect on how things are going, give praise and resolve any small issues straight away. We can also offer your nanny additional training in any areas you identify for improvement. Read more here.

Ongoing support and advice

Our team, which includes former nannies and teachers, are always on hand to provide support for you and your nanny. We have a dedicated Relationship Support Specialist team who are available to talk things through and give advice if you’re having any problems – they can also speak with your nanny on your behalf. You can email them any time at

Prioritised re-matching

We try as hard as we can to help all our families and nannies succeed together, but occasionally things don’t quite work out or it’s just time for a nanny to move on. If that’s the case, just let us know and we’ll prioritise finding you a replacement nanny. We aim to find you a new nanny within 2 weeks.

Useful information

How does payroll work?

Payroll can be confusing at the best of times but we’ve made it simple. Here is an overview of how our payroll process works.

What happens if I need a new nanny?

Here you can learn about our rematching process if things aren’t working out, and what we do to find you a new nanny.

Where do I find out about...

Our Help Centre is the place to go if you need more information. Or you can email us at

You might be wondering...

Once you’ve decided to hire one of our nannies, we’ll carry out an enhanced DBS check and invite them to attend our online Paediatric First Aid training course at no extra cost.
Our nannies cost £14-19 per hour, per family, depending on your nanny’s childcare experience and the number of hours of care you need. We don’t have any finder’s fees and our service fee is included in your hourly rate.
We’ll show you nannies that live close to you first so their travel time is reasonable for a shorter shift and their reliability can be assured. If you are looking for longer hours nannies are willing to travel further for more hours, so you should have plenty of choice of nannies with the experience you’re looking for.
Yes! When you decide to hire a nanny, it will be the same nanny working with your family on your agreed days and times.

Some can, but the lots can’t. If your nanny can drive it will be marked on their profile.

All of our nannies speak fluent English. For most, it’s their first language, but many speak other languages as well. Our nannies come from a range of backgrounds, so just let us know on the registration form if you have any language requirements and we’ll do our best to send you nannies who speak that language. If it’s a bonus rather than a deal breaker, the number of potential nannies we can show you really increases.

We have a range of nannies if all experiences. Many of our nannies looking for after school shifts only have experience with older children but many others are willing to work longer hours and have experience with babies and younger children. Look out for a run down of their experience on each profile.

All our nannies must pass our bespoke online training and Paediatric First Aid course before they start working. This has been developed by our in-house training team (made up of a former teacher and former nanny).
As you will be the legal employer of your nanny, the contract exists between you and them. Koru Kids will write the contract for you so you don’t need to worry. When we set up your contract, we will ask you to complete our set-up form which will ask for some preferences. We’ll then send out a draft version of your contract for you to review.
Our standard nanny contracts have a 2 week probation period with 24 hours notice. We can also set up short-term contracts if you don’t need a nanny on an on-going basis.
After the probation period, the notice period is 2 weeks.
You can also choose to have an initial trial shift before offering the role to a nanny. If you do need to bring the contract to an end, you simply need to provide your nanny with the agreed notice period. We’ll be there to support you with all the next steps to ensure your contract is finalised.
For regular contracts the minimum number of hours a week is 3.
For a short-term contract the minimum hours for the whole contract is 20 hours.
If you need a nanny for less than 9 hours each week, an additional £1 surcharge will apply. This is to ensure we can provide the same level of service throughout the period of your contract.

Yes! We are currently expanding to other parts of the UK. When you register with us we’ll instantly tell you if we have nannies available in your area.

You may be able to pay using childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare, provided your nanny is Ofsted registered. Please note, the vast majority of nannies will not be registered with Ofsted due to the part-time nature of the role. The cost and time to register usually outweighs the savings parents could make by using childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare.

Nannies will look after your children in your home vs. a childminder who works in their home. 

Nannies typically work for one family or two if it’s a nanny share. A childminder will look after children from multiple families.

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We’re always looking for new ways we can be helpful to our families. If there’s anything else you’d like to see as part of our offer, do let us know at