The everyday adventure of being a Koru Kids childminder

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Working from home and beyond

Our childminders work in their own home and the children come to you. Yay, no more commute!

But you're not stuck in all day - far from it. You will be out and about enjoying your local area and using the natural environment as the richest possible learning space for young minds.

Find out about making your home suitable

Pre-school child in a childminder setting enjoying and learning out of doors

The key ingredients to having a successful day as a childminder

Box representing the space pre-school children need to have to learn within a childminder setting

Space to learn

You need 3.5 square metres for each child you care for so often a modest home is big enough.

More important, is how you set up your home to make it a wonderful place for children to play and learn. We'll advise you on making your home a beautiful environment that families will love.

Clock showing that pre-school children in a childminder setting thrive on routine

Rhythm and routine

Young children love routine and so your days will follow a similar pattern. Out in the morning, back for lunch and naps. An afternoon activity and cosy cuddles and stories at home time.

But the places you go, the stories you'll read and the games you play will take you - and your children - on a different adventure everyday. And with kids around there's never a dull moment.

Tent showing that as a Koru Kids childminder you will do a lot of your early years teaching outside

Fresh air

Outdoor learning will be central to your practice, making you hugely popular with parents. We'll support you in understanding how you can deliver all the same expected EYFS learning using the natural world as your classroom.

Our cities and towns are full of green spaces and we'll help you make the most of yours. Yes, there'll be rain - but that's what puddlesuits were designed for!



The Koru Kids Ethos

Our childcare philosophy elevates the EYFS so that children don't just hit development milestones, they flourish! It is based on global research and the latest evidence in child development so parents can be confident their children are getting the very best in your setting.

We believe that a child's emotional development and security is as important as learning their letters. You'll get comprehensive training around how to build attachment with the children you care for. We'll support you with weekly activities to fill your days and set them up for a love of learning all their lives.

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Your day as a Koru Kids childminder

  • 8am - Welcoming your children into your space with a smile.

  • 9am - Puddle suits on, we're off to the woods.

  • 10am - Learning about shapes by making a square from sticks with Ivo and a triangle with Milly.

  • 11am - Walk home via the supermarket to choose the fruit that goes with lunch and learn about money.

  • 12 noon - Tucking into pasta with your little family round the table. Dodging a rogue bit of thrown tomato.

  • 1pm - Jigsaws with Milly while the little ones snooze.

  • 2pm - Making and selling (play-dough) ice creams in the coolest new pop-up in town, which just happens to be in your living room.

  • 3pm - Bit of carrot chopping for tea whilst the children are deep in Duplo-land.

  • 4pm - Sharing a book (or six) whilst the children digest your best fish pie.

  • 5pm - Big cuddles goodbye. Tour with a new parent arranged by Koru Kids.

  • 6pm - Quick whizz round with the hoover whilst you think about tomorrow's adventure.

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