Koru Kids' childminder business partnership & ongoing support

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We nurture you as your childminding business grows

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Getting registered

We guide you through our training and registration process, covering almost all of the costs. This saves you up to £3,000 and allows you to be earning in as little as 8 weeks. We can offer interest free loans of £500 to help set up your home.

Rather than scary Ofsted inspectors, one of our friendly assessors will visit you to complete your registration. Throughout, we're always on the the end of the line for any questions you may have.

Medium plant showing that Koru kids support you as you begin to get your childminding business established

Getting going

We help find parents for you to quickly fill your spaces. We sort your contracts, policies, billing and chasing payments.

We'll guide you to getting set up as self-employed but no need to worry about insurance, accounts, HMRC or tax returns. We'll support you through all that - each and every month. So you can focus your energies on the little people you're caring for.

Any problems and our amazing advisors have got your back - just call.

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Getting bigger

Over time you might want to grow your ambitions and earn more money. We'll help you take on an assistant and save you all the paperwork hassle so that you can expand to looking after up to 6 pre-school children.

We can advise on how you make the most of your space and support you if you need to get planning permission or move.


Incredible value childminding support

We offer a lot more support than other childminder agencies. We support you each and every day - not just in the beginning. We take 10% of the money parents pay you. This means we only earn money when you do. Everything we do is there to support you making a success of your business.

Email us with any questions

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You pay 10% of your earnings each month. You receive

£3,000 of training and set-up costs covered and we offer £500 interest free loans to help set up your home

We help you find families and fill your spaces

We invoice parents for you and collect payments. We help you claim the Government funding you can offer families

All contracts, policies, insurance and paperwork sorted

We help you manage your self-employment obligations (accounts, tax-return & HMRC)

We help you find and manage assistants so you can expand

We mentor you, help with activities and you're part of a big community of other childminders

Our advisors always just a phone call away


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