If you ask anyone at Koru Kids what their favourite part of the job is they'll say getting emails from happy parents and happy nannies about happy kids. Here's a handful of messages we've received recently. 

After School Reviews

"The service has removed a significant headache for me."

"It's been so easy to find someone and Koru kids only suggests people who are available for the hours you want and who live nearby so it cuts out all the searching you otherwise have to do yourself"

"You found me a lovely nanny. I'm happy, my children are happy. Life is better."

"It's a brilliant hassle free service with an excellent quality of the candidates"

"Koru Kids do what they say. From selecting the appropriate candidates and from the candidates that we interviewed as after school nannies, the students were very eager and engaged. In all I think the recruiting experience was very good."

"You’ve been very good at communicating with me and keeping in touch, listening to what we were looking for and finding someone who could fit our requirements."

"Clear website. All done from my phone. Easy. Convenient. Prompt and efficient service. A nanny match straight away!"

"From the perspective of a nanny, Koru Kids are super supportive. From the application process, during the training and throughout my time with the wonderful family I was connected with, I felt like I could get advice and have my questions answered whenever I needed it. As well as this, it's clear that Koru Kids takes pride in the way in which they connect nannies and families together. I could not have asked for a better family as a nanny and this is down to the time and care Koru Kids puts in to their work. I'd recommend their services to families and nannies alike!"

"Our university student nanny Jack is great and, more importantly, our daughter really likes him. We're super happy!  Jack is flexible, gets involved, is a responsive communicator and generally very nice."

"Last week was the final week of Daniela's nannying for our family. Thank you so much for having connected her with us. She was the perfect and ideal nanny we had been looking for. Daniela often taught Spanish to my son on the way home and now he can speak it at elementary level. I heard from my wife that both Daniela and she could not help crying hard in her last day when she dropped our boy to the flat. Our family all miss her so much!"

Nanny Share

"Koru Kids have been amazing for us. We had a fantastic nanny to share and they found us the perfect match. It really has been a wonderful meeting of two families, we couldn't be happier! Their team has been amazing at explaining how it all works financially. They also make sure that the monthly payments are made and that our nanny was completely happy and looked after. Basically Koru Kids made the entire process seamless and simplified, which as a busy working mother was much appreciated."

"I love working in nanny shares. It’s so great for the children to have company. If you've only got the one baby they tend to sit quietly in a car or buggy, whereas Alice and Annabelle chat to each other and hold hands. It’s such a lovely relationship.  They’re growing up together, and learning so much from each other.  Koru Kids created the nanny share for us, and set everything up. They’ve been marvellous. From a nanny perspective, I’ve never felt so supported. I can’t fault them."

"Our experience of nanny share has been amazing. We did a nanny share to save money, and also for the social benefits for Annabelle. We love that she has a little friend with her during the day. Koru Kids connected us, we met up and got along and it’s just all been really smooth sailing from the get-go. We get on really well with the other family and Annabelle’s really happy."

"Initially, we looked at nanny share primarily for financial reasons. It was clear it would be a lot cheaper than a nanny. We also really liked that the kids would have someone to play with.  And when compared with childminder or nursery, we really liked the idea of not needing to take the kids anywhere in the morning! Koru Kids helped us find a family to nanny share with. It was amazing—we live so close together we can see each others’ houses.  The kids all get on really well. They love their time together. It’s been a great success.
There have been unexpected benefits of nanny sharing, like when our nanny Nicole is ill and someone can take up the slack or we can share a half day each. Or if one of us is late getting back, the other one can be back. It’s great having another family who can step in in a crisis."

"With your service you don’t have that worry of having to sort out the money. The payroll and payments service works really well. Normally there’s all that stuff about doing PAYE with nannies and it’s always a bit of a nightmare. It’s a bore. We’ve done 3 sets of PAYE for nannies before and it’s so annoying. With Koru Kids you have the assurance that someone’s doing it properly and you don’t have another form to send off, another blasted bit of paper, or potentially another password, another website I just don’t want to get involved with.  Everything is covered."

"When it was time for me to go back to work, my daughter wasn’t ready to go into a nursery environment. She’s really shy and takes a while to warm up to new people, so my husband and I wanted a more personalised approach to childcare. We couldn’t afford a nanny on our own, and wanted our daughter to get used to being around another child or children regularly. Nanny share works for us because it costs only slightly more than nursery for much closer and more personalised care. The bond between the girls and with their nanny is so strong. They have a whale of a time!"

"It was an absolute minefield trying to navigate all the childcare options, trying to figure out who has space and what’s right for your child—and whether it’s going to cost more than I earn. It was difficult and stressful.  And with two children, the cost creeps up really quickly. We thought there must be a way to make this easier.

A friend suggested we look at nanny share, and it made sense to us. You get the convenience of having a nanny come to you rather than having to get all the kids ready and out of the house, but at a much reduced cost.

Koru Kids found us a family literally a couple of doors away who were also looking for a nanny share. In terms of the timing and the kids it was perfect. We were looking for the same kind of nanny too. We’re so happy to have found this other family, it’s the perfect match.

Koru Kids organised a meeting for us to get to know each other and talked us through all the steps and how to actually make it work. They gave us so much help navigating the whole process. They’ve been absolutely brilliant.
If we hadn’t found a nanny share we would be juggling some combination of childminder, nursery and school. All of which would come to a hefty sum, as well as a lot of hassle."

"Thank you for all the support and always being there to answer questions and give advice. And special thanks for connecting me with two lovely families!"

"Such a great idea for families who want the personal touch of a nanny but need to reduce their overall costs.  And with the added bonus that the children get more playmates!  I'd highly recommend Koru Kids, they really took the time to understand our needs and match us with the right family."

"I would strongly recommend using Koru Kids. As a nanny it is sometimes hard to know where to look and also where to get advice from.  The staff at Koru kids, are fantastic at this whether it's to do with your current job or whether you are looking for a new role. I am extremely grateful for all their help."

"I really do wish I had found your agency at the beginning of our search!"