Physical requirements for nannies

Nannying is a physical as well as an intellectual job. As part of a nanny job, you might need to:

  • Bend over to reach things on the floor, and reach up to get things that are high
  • Walk carrying a 3kg weight for 15 minutes (the weight of an average scooter plus backpack)
  • Run 50m at a quick pace
  • Climb stairs
  • Administer CPR for 20 minutes. This means crouching over a person and using your arms with force to repeatedly pump their chest
  • Navigate unfamiliar places including public transport and crowds, deal with strangers, keep calm and problem-solve in emergencies, cross roads safely with children
  • Keep upbeat and positive after a whole day of playing!

If you are unable to do any of these things due to physical or other limitations, or if you have any condition that might lead to you occasionally losing consciousness or control, please let us know.

You may still be eligible for nanny roles as adjustments could be made but we would need to speak to you individually to figure out what you need during training, and what would be the best kind of role for you. For example, it might be that a ‘shared care’ role suits you best if you have a condition which could prevent you from keeping children safe in sole care.¬†We are committed to making all reasonable adjustments to help you train and secure a great role, and to supporting parent employers to do so.