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Other frequently asked questions

Lots of our nannies are happy to accept a start date in the future.
Yes! If you’d like your nanny to earn a higher wage, let us know and we can adjust your nanny’s pay and your price accordingly.
No. Usually, our nannies cost between £13.50-16.50 per hour (per family not per child) depending on their experience. If you share your nanny with another family, they will cost only £9 per hour (per family).
We can still help. You’ll need to offer at least 20 hours in total and an enhanced DBS check is optional for an extra £50.
You may be able to pay using childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare, provided your nanny is Ofsted registered. Please note, the vast majority of nannies will not be registered with Ofsted due to the part-time nature of the role. The cost, time and effort to get registered usually outweighs the savings parents could make by using childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare.
Our standard nanny contracts have a 2 week probation period with 24 hours notice. After the probation period, the notice period is 2 weeks. You can also choose to have an initial trial shift before offering the role to a nanny. If you do need to bring the contract to an end, you simply need to provide your nanny with the agreed notice period. We’ll be there to support you with all the next steps to ensure your contract is finalised.
Most Koru Kids contracts include a minimum of 9 hours a week, on average, during school term-time. If you hire your nanny for less than 9 hours a week during term-time you’ll pay an additional £1 an hour. We don’t charge finder’s fees and this allows us to give you and your nanny the same level of service and support. You’ll still need to offer at least 3 hours per week and the minimum you agree will be reflected in your nanny’s contract to ensure they have income security.
With your first Koru Kids nanny, you pay a £89 non-refundable employer setup fee. You only ever pay this once. We add this to your first monthly invoice. This goes towards the cost of sorting your nanny’s employment contract and setting up their payroll with HMRC and the Pensions Regulator, if required. So their employment is completely above board.