Exceptionally good childcare in London

Nanny Share

Join over 2000 families in London and sign up for a Koru Kids nanny share. With one nanny looking after children from two families at once, nanny sharing saves thousands of pounds compared to a sole care nanny. Meanwhile the children benefit from highly social, personalised care in a home environment. 

After School Nanny

After-school Care

Our after school nannies are energetic, sensible students from top London universities, with childcare experience, paediatric first aid training, great references and DBS checks. We do all the paperwork for you, and support your nanny on an ongoing basis. It's the after school service we wished existed for our own kids!

Hire a Nanny

Hire A Nanny

Not all nannies want to do a nanny share -- but ours do. If you'd like a nanny, and maybe a nanny share, we can help you find a great nanny that has the experience and qualifications you need. We can then also get to work on finding a family to share with.

Nanny Jobs

Nanny Registration

Are you a nanny who would love to work in a nanny share? Or a student who would love to work as an after school nanny? Either way, please register below and we'll take it from there.

More about what we do

We do much more than just introduce you to a family or a nanny. Our service also includes:

  • Writing the initial contract, and keeping it up to date

  • Setting the families up with HMRC, and administering nanny payroll

  • Paying nanny and HMRC on families' behalf via our secure payments platform

  • Setting families up with the Pensions Regulator, and administering nanny pension

    Plus MUCH more, like maternity pay, sick pay, mortgage letters, DBS renewals, first aid, insurance... and unlimited advice and support for families and nannies.

    In short: we're with you for the journey. Your friendly childcare administration nerds.

You can call us any time on 0203 808 8031