What’s the difference between a nanny and a Father’s Help?

Have you seen the terms ‘Nanny’ and ‘Father’s Help’ and wondered what the difference is? A ‘nanny’ has qualifications and extensive experience in childcare, while a ‘Father’s Help’ is more of an assistant to the father or parents rather than a standalone caregiver. A Father’s Help – also sometimes called a ‘junior nanny’ – is usually responsible for assisting with child-related tasks and light housework, under the supervision or direction of the parents. The tasks can include helping with meals, doing laundry, cleaning, and sometimes helping with child care responsibilities. However, a Father’s Help typically does not have sole charge of the children, especially for long periods, unlike a nanny. They often have less experience than a nanny and can be a good choice for dads who are home most of the time but need some extra help.

Koru Kids nannies fall somewhere between a traditional nanny and a Father’s Help. Our nannies mostly do not have advanced childcare qualifications but can have sole charge of the children, and can also do child-related household tasks. Many working dads are routinely home while their Koru Kids nanny looks after the children, but it’s also absolutely fine for dad to be at the office focusing on his hard-earned career while knowing his children are safe and having fun at home.