The top 10% in London

We know that finding a quality after school nanny is tough. That’s why we’ve created a rigorous screening process that identifies the candidates who have what it takes to be exceptional after school nannies. Each candidate is assessed multiple times against a tested framework. 90% don’t make the cut.

With less than 10% accepted to become Koru Kids nannies, we’re confident that every candidate we send you will be excellent.

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The Koru Kids Screening Process

1. The Basics

First, we check that candidates meet the minimum requirements:

  • Over 18 years old
  • With right to work in the UK
  • Lives within 30 minutes travel time from our families
  • Willing to commit to a family during term time until at least the end of the academic year
  • Has previous childcare experience


2. The Application

We look for signs that the candidate will make a great after school nanny. All Koru Kids after school nannies must have solid experience working with school-aged children. Typical experience includes working as an au pair, a regular babysitter, or raising their own family. At this stage, we also check for excellent written English.


3. The Interview

Most candidates have to pass a phone interview. During this interview we probe into their childcare experience and understand their motivation for wanting to be an after school nanny. We assess candidates’ verbal communication, creativity and their understanding of the responsibilities of the role. We only accept candidates that are committed, engaging, bright and articulate.


4. References

We typically require two references for each candidate. We expect the referees to know the candidates really well -- for example, a lecturer that teaches the student each week but doesn’t know them on a personal level won’t cut it. We expect referees to be able to provide glowing personal recommendations. Candidates must be responsible, punctual, reliable and brilliant around kids.


5. Training

Successful candidates complete Koru Kids training, an online course which has been developed by our in-house training team, which includes both qualified teachers and former nannies. This intensive training course covers everything from safeguarding, to fun activities, to helping children to develop a growth mindset. At the same time, we continue to assess the candidates against the ‘Koru Kids Standards’, which ensure our nannies are reliable, responsible and can communicate effectively with our families.

We’re looking for engaged, smart, proactive, and quick-thinking nannies, and only candidates who have demonstrated all of these qualities make it through training.

By the end of this process we know our nannies pretty well, and we think they’re fantastic.


The process doesn’t end here - once you’ve decided to hire one of our nannies they’ll receive a half day of paediatric first aid training and we’ll run their DBS check. (This normally takes about 2 weeks.)

The top 10% in London

Our nannies are now providing over 20,000 hours of after school care to parents in London each month. We’re experts at identifying the best after school nannies. But don’t take our word for it - see what our parents say.

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