The Koru Kids service - we've got your back

When you sign up with Koru Kids, the initial match is just the beginning of the support you'll get. There's no service like it out there -- our families and nannies tell us they've never felt so supported.  

What we'll help with

1. Finding a nanny
If you find yourself needing a new nanny, we'll support you throughout the recruitment process. That means we'll advertise the role on the best websites (we know where and how to look), screen CVs for you and give you guidance on how to interview. We can also do background checks and speak to references.

2. Contracting your nanny
We'll do your contract for you. That means we'll ask you some questions about your preferences, then draft up a bespoke contract that suits you. Then we'll make sure it aligns with your nanny share partner family's, help you finalise and agree it, and coordinate an electronic signature process. We'll also help with any necessary changes or side letters over the course of the nanny share, in case your circumstances or legislation changes. Since we're also doing payroll, pension and payments, we'll make sure it all hangs together properly.

3. Payroll for your nanny
We'll set you up with HMRC, and manage all correspondence on your behalf, so you don't need to deal with them at all. Each month we'll do the bookkeeping, make an electronic return to HMRC, produce a payslip and send it to your nanny. We'll also do forms P60, P11d, and P45 as required.

4. Pension for your nanny
It's now compulsory for your nanny to have a pension. We'll register you with the Pensions Regulator, complete the paperwork to set your nanny up, and manage payments. We'll make sure your nanny pension works in seamlessly with everything else -- your contract, payroll and payments.

5. Monthly payments
Don't worry about forgetting to pay your nanny or HMRC, or needing to log in and change a standing order every time your nanny does an extra hour's work. Our secure payments platform direct debits you once a month and pays your nanny and HMRC. We keep you informed, but you don't need to do a thing. We can even process expenses if you'd like us to.

6. The rarer stuff
You might need a few other things. If your nanny gets pregnant, we'll administer maternity pay. If she's sick, we'll administer statutory sick pay. If she wants to buy a house, we'll issue a mortgage letter. If your hours change over the course of the share, we'll update all the paperwork as required. If you'd like a DBS renewal, a first aid course booked, your employer's liability insurance renewed... we can do all of that and we don't charge any admin fees for helping you out with them. It's all part of the package.

7. Unlimited advice and support
We don't mind how often you call us or how many times you change things. You'll also find we're oddly happy to help with things that aren't listed here. That's because we want our service to be the best in the world, and we get excited when we discover something else we can help you with.  

In short: we're with you for the journey. Your friendly childcare administration nerds.